Parks and Recreation Fends Off Wildfires

Park and recreation professionals across the United States protect local land and communities from wildfire.

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Born on the Bayou

Find out how a golf course was repurposed into the world-class Houston Botanic Garden.

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Protecting the Land and Its History

Sara Sinclair and Stephanie Lozano share insights about tribal nations and land acknowledgement in North America.

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Conservation, All of Our Duty

NRPA’s organizational mission calls for us to serve as catalysts of positive change for equity, climate-readiness and overall well-being.

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Make Earth Day Count

To celebrate April 22, encourage your community members to do their part by reducing their own carbon footprint.

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Reclaiming Natural Habitat With the Robert L.B. Tobin Land Bridge

The land bridge is uniquely designed for safe passage by people and animals, connecting the previously divided halves of the 330-acre Phil Hardberger Park.

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Planting Design at NYC Parks

New York City Department of Parks and Recreation shares five design principles and considerations that guide its approach to planting.

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Former NRPA President Dianne Hoover Retires

After 45 years of service in the field of parks and recreation, Dianne Hoover, Certified Park and Recreation Professional (CPRP), is retiring to enjoy being an active outdoor participant.

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Park and Recreation Professional Dan Stencil Retires After 43 Years of Service

Reflecting on his career, Dan Stencil names some highlights of his time with the park system.

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Remembering Park and Recreation Leader Laura Wetherald

On February 19, 2021, the park and recreation field lost a dedicated professional, Laura Wetherald.

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Connect Hot Topic

Members chime in with their policy suggestions regarding pool slot reservations to implement for the upcoming summer.

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Member Benefit: Background Screening Best Practices

Here are some things to keep in mind to help prevent risk during background screening.

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Workforce Development Helps Prepare Future Park and Recreation Leaders

NRPA highlights some key findings from its research report, Workforce Development and Career Exploration at Parks and Recreation.

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Parks and Recreation: Leaders of Vital Environmental Initiatives

Six in seven U.S. adults support their local park and recreation agency’s environmental efforts.

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Public-Private Partnership Models

In public-private partnerships, both a park and recreation department and its partner bring assets to a collaboration that make it a viable proposition.

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The Case for Local Relief

Local governments and their park and recreation departments need to receive more attention and funding from the federal government as we continue to recover from the coronavirus.

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Can Parks Leverage Libraries?

Understand how park and recreation agencies can enhance services by working smarter with libraries.

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Using Virtual Volunteering to Engage Diverse Communities

Park professionals and land managers from across the country are beginning to turn to virtual volunteer activities to connect diverse audiences to their public land sites.

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Due Process Notice for COVID-19 Sweeps at a Homeless Encampment

An advocacy group and several people experiencing homelessness filed a class-action lawsuit against the City and County of Denver and several of their officials.

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Portland Parks & Recreation’s Sustainable Park Pathway Lighting Efforts

The park and recreation agency recently completed a landmark energy efficiency project to improve lighting at many sites while lowering the agency’s costs and maintenance needs.

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Finding BLISS in Northeast Baltimore City

This 10-acre land reclamation project is a Black-led environmental education and justice hub designed to reflect, preserve and celebrate Black, brown and Indigenous perspectives of the human-nature connection.

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