This toolkit is where you can find the materials you need to celebrate Park and Recreation Month at your agency.

The official Park and Recreation Month materials are available now, and although you may not be using them this year in the ways you traditionally do, we encourage you to display the logo found below proudly on your website, social media, virtual programs and more. Below you will also find other resources - like the outreach toolkit, poster, calendar, proclamation template and more - that will help you promote Park and Recreation Month and the essential services you provide for your community.

Park and Recreation Month Outreach Toolkit

The outreach toolkit is meant to make promoting and celebrating Park and Recreation Month in your community a little easier! This toolkit is designed to help you generate positive media coverage and support for your Park and Recreation Month activities, and ultimately, the good work you do and the benefits you bring to your community.

This toolkit includes:

Download the Full Outreach Toolkit


Park and Recreation Month Logo

Use this image on any of your materials throughout July 2020 to show your support and participation. You can also use this as your profile photo or “avatar” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram leading up to and during Park and Recreation Month. Encourage your fans and followers to do the same - and be sure to use the official hashtag, #WeAreParksAndRec, when posting on social media!

To download the logo, right-click on the image of the logo below and choose “save image as.” Note: These graphics and materials are only to be used in Park and Recreation Month promotions in 2020. They are not to be used for other purposes without express written permission.

Download large version of logo


Design Files

NRPA provides design files of the Park and Recreation Month logo in .eps and .png versions. To download a .zip file with these materials, enter your information below. We may contact you with updates on Park and Recreation month, but we won't share your info and you can unsubscribe anytime.


Park and Recreation Month Poster

Download and print the official Park and Recreation Month poster and display it at any of your events, pass out copies to your community members, hang it up in your facilities or even give one to your mayor or town council to hang up in their office! Be sure to share photos on social media of how you display the poster using #WeAreParksAndRec.

2020 Park and Recreation Month Poster

Download 8.5x11'' poster | Download 15.5x25.25'' poster


Social Media Cover Photos

Another way you can celebrate during July is by changing your social media profile pictures to the official We Are Parks and Recreation logo, as well as changing your Facebook and Twitter cover photos.

Download Facebook Cover Photo | Download Twitter Cover Photo

Sample Social Media Posts

Besides the social media materials in the toolkit, you can also copy and paste these customizable social media posts to spread the word about Pak and Recreation Month to your friends, fans and followers, and be sure to use #WeAreParksAndRec and tag NRPA in all of your social media posts throughout the month:

  • Facebook: @National Recreation and Park Association
  • Twitter: @NRPA_News
  • Instagram: @nrpa

Sample posts for park and recreation agency:

  • July is Park and Recreation Month and we’re celebrating by highlighting all the great work of our staff and volunteers at (insert park/facility/agency name)! #WeAreParksAndRec (insert staff photos)
  • We are (Insert park/facility/agency name) and We Are Parks and Recreation. Did you know we offer (insert lesser known activities/programs) and more? #WeAreParksAndRec (insert photo from activity/event)
  • Did you know (insert park/facility/agency name) has been providing (insert services) to our community throughout COVID-19? #WeAreParksAndRec (insert photos of services provided)
  • We are selfless. We are passionate. We are essential. We Are Parks and Recreation. Join us and (@National Recreation and Park Association on Facebook, @NRPA_news on Twitter, @nrpa on Instagram) to celebrate the good work of park and recreation professionals during Park and Recreation Month! (share poster image) #WeAreParksAndRec
  • Stop by (insert event location event and time) to help us celebrate Park and Recreation Month! #WeAreParksAndRec (insert link to event details on your website)
  • Want to get outside and still practice safe physical distancing during Park and Recreation Month? Our staff at (park/facility/agency name) is working hard to ensure a safe experience for everyone! #WeAreParksAndRec (insert photos of staff)
  • If you’re unable to make it out to one of our local parks for Park and Recreation Month, (agency name) has plenty of virtual options for you to get active at home (insert link to virtual programs). #WeAreParksAndRec

Personal posts for park and recreation professionals:

  • I am [NAME] and I am a [Job Title] at [Agency Name]. As a park and recreation professional, I provide essential services to my community like [list services relevant to you]. July is Park and Recreation Month and I’m helping bring awareness to our field and the work of park and recreation professionals across the country. We are selfless. We are passionate. We are essential. We Are Parks and Recreation. #WeAreParksandRec
  • It’s Park and Recreation Month and this July, I am committed to sharing the essential role my profession plays in the health and well-being of our community. As a [Job Title] at [Agency Name], I provide essential services to our community like [list services relevant to you]. I’m proud of the work our field does! #WeAreParksandRec


Park and Recreation Month Calendar

Use this fillable PDF calendar to mark all your important dates for Park and Recreation Month - and don't forget to mark July 17 as Park and Recreation Professionals Day.

Download 8.5x11" calendar | Download 24x36" calendar


Park and Recreation Month Proclamation

Proclaiming July as Park and Recreation Month is an opportunity for your community and local leadership to acknowledge the importance of parks and recreation and the benefits it provides to the people you serve. Having July proclaimed as Park and Recreation Month is also a great way to create community and media awareness for your events.

Every locality has its own policies on how to get a proclamation commemorating something (or someone) approved. Below is an outline of the usual process and tips on how to get July declared Park and Recreation Month in your community:

1. Determine who has the authority to make the proclamation.

  • Usually, this is a local elected official: mayor, city council, board of supervisors, parks and recreation commission, school board, etc. You may also want to ask around to see if there is an existing process for proclamations.

2. Determine who should ask for the proclamation.

  • The strongest case for having July declared as Park and Recreation Month in your local community would come from a voter (a member of the general public) rather than an elected official.

3. Create the proclamation.

  • Start with the template proclamation and include as much local information as possible. Make the case for the important role park and recreation professionals play in your community.

4. Start now!

  • Timing is often the biggest issue. Your mayor or council may have designated dates and times per month when they consider proclamations and if you miss the deadline, you miss the opportunity.

Get the Template Proclamation

If you have any questions about the Park and Recreation Month toolkit or other materials, please contact Cort Jones, NRPA's Communications Manager.

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