As the largest national nonprofit representing community park and recreation agencies, NRPA reaches into nearly every community in the U.S. through our 60,000 members who manage more than 105,000 park and recreation facilities. NRPA focuses its efforts into three key areas where parks and recreation make a vital and irreplaceable impact; Social Equity, Health and Wellness, and Conservation.


Why Partner With NRPA?

  • More than 50 years of working with corporate and philanthropic leaders
  • Impact local communities and tell the story nationally
  • Reach into every community
  • Trusted ally to community park and recreation agencies
  • Experience taking evidence-based programs to scale
  • Ability to offer community and employee engagement
  • Leader in facilitating community oriented park improvement projects


To learn more about partnering with NRPA, please contact Cassie Pais at 703.858.2151.



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