Urban parks serve as critical public places for recreation and civic engagement, essential to quality of life in urban centers. Parks help provide solutions to a myriad of national and community issues: providing healthy places to exercise, managing stormwater runoff and helping clean the air, catalyzing economic and community development, and providing safe, close to home recreation options. Join NRPA in the fight to ensure that every community has a great park.

Urban Parks InsiderPublished biweekly, Urban Parks Insider aims to provide you with a tailored view of the current hot topics and articles related to parks and urban environments.

The Youth Vaping Epidemic

2019 June Feature The Youth Vaping Epidemic 410

This nationwide crisis has prompted park agencies across the country to partner with their public health agencies to sound the alarm about youth vaping.

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Measles: The Childhood Scourge Is Back

2019 June Feature Measles The Childhood Scourge Is Back 410

Today, the United States is seeing the greatest number of measles cases since it was declared eradicated in 2000.

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Keep America Beautiful® 'Cigarette Litter Prevention Program'

2019 June Feature Keep America Beautiful Cigarette Litter Prevention Program 410

Take a look at how this initiative is changing littering behaviors and read a few of the success stories.

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From Dream to National Treasure: The Great American Rail-Trail

2019 June Feature Great American Rail Trail 410

The Great American Rail-Trail™ aims to create a multi-use path across the country and a legacy for generations of Americans. At more than 3,700 miles, it will be separated from roads for its entirety.

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Summer (Meals) Time!

2019 June Advocacy Summer Meals Time 410

This summer, Congress is reviewing the federal programs that help NRPA members provide the food for the bodies and minds of the kids we serve.

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Growing Urban Conservationists

2019 June Conservation Growing Urban Conservationists 410

City leaders are working to ensure that outdoor experiences aren’t limited only to people who own land, can travel easily or whose neighborhoods abound with nature-rich parks.

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Connecting Communities Through Farmers Markets

2019 June Research Farmers Markets 410

Our most recent research study looks at the role of farmers markets hosted by park and recreation agencies in local communities.

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Parks and Recreation and Healthcare Partnerships

2019 June Member to Member Parks and Recreation and Healthcare Partnerships 410

In many communities, parks and recreation is leading community-integrated health strategies by formally (and informally) partnering with healthcare entities to improve community health.

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Protect Your Parks and Your People

2019 June Operations Protect your Parks and People 410

Local park and rec departments are now asking themselves how they would react if a mass shooting event were to occur in a public park or facility.

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How Accessibility Is Impacting Fitness Trends — Episode 040

OSR40 410

On the latest episode of Open Space Radio, we have an inspiring conversation with 2012 Paralympic Games Silver Medalist, Jennifer French, and Greenfields Outdoor Fitness CEO, Sam Mendelsohn.

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NRPA Park Pulse Surveys

Park Pulse 410

The National Recreation and Park Association polls Americans to explore their views on topics related to the park and recreation field. Each poll targets 1,000 adults ages 18 and up, representing a cross-section of Americans.

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NRPA Park Metrics

Park Metrics Teaser 410x410

NRPA Park Metrics are the most comprehensive source of data standards and insights for park and recreation agencies. These agency performance resources assist park and recreation professionals in the effective management and planning of their operating resources and capital facilities.

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NRPA Facility Market Reports

facility market report 410

NRPA Research Facility Market Reports offer an array of data that provides your agency with a greater understanding of the residents served by the facility, with a particular focus on their habits and interests.

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Online Learning

Online Learning 410

NRPA online learning is a cost-effective and flexible way to educate staff, provide training, and earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

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NRPA Innovation Labs

Innovation Lab Teaser 410x410 2

NRPA's Innovation Labs bring together some of the sharpest minds both in and outside the field of parks and recreation to explore how innovative thinking can meet emerging challenges, reduce costs, and better serve the public.

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Directors School

Directors School 2019 Teaser 410x410

The NRPA Directors School is an exclusive professional development opportunity designed to prepare new and potential directors of park and recreation agencies for the challenges of leading and managing effectively.

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Park Champion Initiative

Park Champion Logo Round 410

NRPA is excited to change up the way we do advocacy with the Park Champions initiative. NRPA is leading the pack of associations like ours by empowering our members to serve as year-round ambassadors for their community to their elected officials. Sign the Park Champion pledge today!

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Urban Parks Insider

urban parks insider 410

This biweekly newsletter aims to provide you with a tailored view of the current hot topics and articles related to parks and urban environments.

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Advocacy Insider

advocacy insider 410

Advocacy Insider, NRPA's Public Policy newsletter, highlights legislative updates and advocacy news.

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