Urban parks serve as critical public places for recreation and civic engagement, essential to quality of life in urban centers. Parks help provide solutions to a myriad of national and community issues: providing healthy places to exercise, managing stormwater runoff and helping clean the air, catalyzing economic and community development, and providing safe, close to home recreation options. Join NRPA in the fight to ensure that every community has a great park.

Urban Parks InsiderPublished biweekly, Urban Parks Insider aims to provide you with a tailored view of the current hot topics and articles related to parks and urban environments.

Recycling Is Dead. Now What?

2019 April Feature Recycling is Dead 410

Recycling as we know it is no more. Here’s what you need to know, and how we can adapt for the future.

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Our Nation’s Demographic Shift

2019 April Social Equity Demographic Shift 410

In a nation that is quickly becoming a majority-minority, the park and recreation industry can be a leader in establishing inclusive practices that enhance the well-being of all Americans.

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The Vision Plan for Boston’s Moakley Park

2019 April Feature Moakley Park 410

The vision plan for Boston’s Moakley Park tackles issues of climate resiliency and social equity.

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NRPA Welcomes Its New CEO: Kristine Stratton

Kristine Stratton 410

Her belief that everyone has the right to clean water and a healthy environment aligns well with NRPA’s vision that everyone deserves a great park.

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What Constitutes a Resilient Park?

2019 April People for Parks What Constitutes a Resilient Park 410

Park and recreation agencies’ ability to act on and prioritize climate resilience as part of their mission largely depends on the availability of resources.

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Funding for Green Initiatives and Sustainability Programs Is Within Reach

2019 April Community Center Funding for Green Initiatives 410

Funding for green initiatives can be difficult to secure. There’s a nonprofit out there that wants to help.

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Diversity Is Key to a Resilient Future Forest

2019 April Member to Member Diversity is Key to a Resilient Future 410

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy battles threats to its tree populations with biodiversity.

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FEMA Funding for Building Nature-Based Resilient Communities

2019 April Advocacy FEMA Funding for Building Nature Based Resilient Communities 410

FEMA presents funding opportunities to parks and open spaces working to reduce long-term risk from natural disasters to their communities.

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Regenerative Land Management: Restoring Nature’s Balance

2019 April Operations Regenerative Land Management 410

How to create and maintain healthy and natural landscapes – without the chemicals.

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NRPA Park Pulse Surveys

Park Pulse 410

The National Recreation and Park Association polls Americans to explore their views on topics related to the park and recreation field. Each poll targets 1,000 adults ages 18 and up, representing a cross-section of Americans.

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NRPA Park Metrics

Park Metrics Teaser 410x410

NRPA Park Metrics are the most comprehensive source of data standards and insights for park and recreation agencies. These agency performance resources assist park and recreation professionals in the effective management and planning of their operating resources and capital facilities.

Evaluate Your Agency

NRPA Facility Market Reports

facility market report 410

NRPA Research Facility Market Reports offer an array of data that provides your agency with a greater understanding of the residents served by the facility, with a particular focus on their habits and interests.

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Online Learning

Online Learning 410

NRPA online learning is a cost-effective and flexible way to educate staff, provide training, and earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

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NRPA Innovation Labs

Innovation Lab Teaser 410x410 2

NRPA's Innovation Labs bring together some of the sharpest minds both in and outside the field of parks and recreation to explore how innovative thinking can meet emerging challenges, reduce costs, and better serve the public.

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Directors School

Directors School 2019 Teaser 410x410

The NRPA Directors School is an exclusive professional development opportunity designed to prepare new and potential directors of park and recreation agencies for the challenges of leading and managing effectively.

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Park Champion Initiative

Park Champion Logo Round 410

NRPA is excited to change up the way we do advocacy with the Park Champions initiative. NRPA is leading the pack of associations like ours by empowering our members to serve as year-round ambassadors for their community to their elected officials. Sign the Park Champion pledge today!

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Urban Parks Insider

urban parks insider 410

This biweekly newsletter aims to provide you with a tailored view of the current hot topics and articles related to parks and urban environments.

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Advocacy Insider

advocacy insider 410

Advocacy Insider, NRPA's Public Policy newsletter, highlights legislative updates and advocacy news.

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