Urban parks serve as critical public places for recreation and civic engagement, essential to quality of life in urban centers. Parks help provide solutions to a myriad of national and community issues: providing healthy places to exercise, managing stormwater runoff and helping clean the air, catalyzing economic and community development, and providing safe, close to home recreation options. Join NRPA in the fight to ensure that every community has a great park.


NRPA’s Inaugural Parks Snapshot: How Parks and Recreation Is Confronting COVID-19

Parks Snapshot blog 410

NRPA recently conducted its inaugural Parks Snapshot survey to learn how park and recreation leaders from across the country are confronting the COVID-19 pandemic.

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We Are Proud to Stand with Parks and Recreation

Kristine Stratton 410

Given today’s worldwide coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, NRPA recognizes the heightened stress and anxiety over what will happen in the coming days and even months. Through all of this, we remain committed to providing you the most up-to-date information and resources available to help you through these trying times.

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How Much Impact Do Parks Have on Property Values?

2020 April Finance for the Field Property Value Increase 410

An analysis of 33 studies, which measured the impact of distance from a park on the sales price of a residence, reveals six key points.

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Weathering the Storm

2020 April Feature Weathering the Storm 410

Mill Creek Park, located in Youngstown, Ohio, serves as a case study for how public parks can help build climate resilient communities.

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Can Parks Help Save Fireflies?

2020 April Feature Fireflies 410

As firefly populations continually face serious threats to themselves and their habitats, many experts believe parks may be among the best ways to contribute toward firefly conservation.

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Seattle P&R Tests Glyphosate Alternatives

2020 April Health and Wellness Seattle Glyphosate Alternatives 410

To address the potential health threat posed by glyphosate, many agencies, like Seattle P&R, are reducing or eliminating their use of glyphosate products to ensure everyone has access to safe and healthy spaces.

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Reinvigorating the Dialogue on Conservation and Social Equity

2020 April Social Equity Reinvigorating the Dialogue on Conservation and Social Equity 410

Quality communities and the ability to stay in them support the vision of social equity. This mindset recognizes that we are all part of a larger ecosystem whose components are intricately connected.

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Access to Parks and the Outdoors is Crucial for Mental Health in Our Communities

Parks and the Outdoors Mental Health 410

Research over the years has shown that when people are more stressed, anxious and socially isolated, as we are right now due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, having access to parks, trails and natural areas becomes even more important.

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FEMA Emergency Declaration: Public Assistance for COVID-19 Financial Impacts

FEMA COVID 19 blog 410

Many park and recreation agencies are heeding the CDC's guidance during the COVID-19 outbreak and canceling or postponing events and activities for at least the next couple of weeks. This leads to a question many agencies are facing: What will the financial implications be on parks and recreation budgets?

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NRPA Park Pulse Surveys

Park Pulse 410

The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) polls U.S. residents to explore their views on topics related to the park and recreation field. Each poll targets 1,000 adults ages 18 and up, representing a cross-section of the population.

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NRPA Park Metrics

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NRPA Park Metrics is the most comprehensive source of data standards and insights for park and recreation agencies. These agency performance resources assist park and recreation professionals in the effective management and planning of their operating resources and capital facilities.

Evaluate Your Agency

NRPA Facility Market Reports

facility market report 410

NRPA Research Facility Market Reports offer an array of data that provides your agency with a greater understanding of the residents served by the facility, with a particular focus on their habits and interests.

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Online Learning

Online Learning 410

NRPA online learning is a cost-effective and flexible way to educate staff, provide training, and earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

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Directors School

Directors School 410x410

The NRPA Directors School is an exclusive professional development opportunity designed to prepare new and potential directors of park and recreation agencies for the challenges of leading and managing effectively.

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Park Champion™ Initiative

Park Champion Logo Round 410

With the support of the NRPA Public Policy team, Park Champions™ are learning how to be effective advocates by engaging their elected officials with phone calls, letters, sign-ons, and events.

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