AFO LogoHosting an Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO) course is the most cost-effective way to train your staff in an education program recognized by the MAHC. Hosting is as easy as securing a location, inviting participants, and partnering with an instructor. Opening your registration to the public will turn your AFO course into a revenue generator.The AFO course is hosted in a classroom and no swimming pool is required. Start the process of hosting a course by choosing one of the options below.

Find an AFO Instructor

Independent AFO Instructors

Browse a list of independent AFO instructors willing to teach courses for you. Please note this is not a complete list, but it is updated regularly. Once an instructor is located, use the How to Host Guide to set up your course and schedule with NRPA.

Contract a Course with NRPA

Can't find an AFO Instructor near you? NRPA will send one to your location. Please contact to host a contacted course. Contracted courses require a minimum class size of 20 AFO candidates. Please review the How to Host Guide.

AFO Marketing Toolkit

The AFO Marketing Toolkit is offered to help maximize attendance at your upcoming AFO course and exam. The materials were created for you to use in advertising and will help create awareness of the opportunity to become AFO certified. Be sure to update the toolkit materials with your specific site information prior to distribution.

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