AFO LogoThe Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO) Certification course is a 2-day swimming pool operator training, with the exam administered on the second day. National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) offers an Independent Instructor course and a Contracted Instructor Course.

Why Host a Course?

  1. It is the most cost-effective way to train your staff in pool operations, mechanical systems, water chemistry, disinfection, safety and much more.
  2. Opening registration to the public will turn your AFO course into a revenue generator.
  3. Hosting is as easy as securing a location, inviting participants, and partnering with an instructor. The AFO Course is hosted in a classroom and no swimming pool is required.

Start the process of hosting a course by choosing one of the options below.

Independent Instructor Course

Contact an instructor directly and partner with them to host and teach an AFO Course. There is no minimum number of participants needed to host an Independent Instructor Course.

    • Exams should be ordered by submitting an exam only request form. (Exams will be shipped closer to the course date.)


Contracted Instructor Course

Contact NRPA to provide you with an AFO Instructor to host your course. There is a minimum number of 20 participants needed to host a Contracted Instructor Course.

  • NRPA will provide you with an AFO Instructor and put you in contact with them to coordinate details for the course.
  • Order course materials. 
    • Manuals should be provided to participants prior to coming to the course. 
    • Manuals and Exams should be ordered by submitting a material request form. Manuals will be shipped as soon as possible, exams will be shipped closer to the course date.

AFO Course Host Resources

  • Maximize attendance at your upcoming AFO course or exam with the AFO Marketing Toolkit.

  • A complete How to Host Guide is available to assist you with both course hosting options. If you are interested, please contact Elizabeth Gonzales, NRPA's Aquatics Program Manager at 703-858-2186.


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