NRPA is excited to change up the way we do advocacy with the Park Champion initiative. Through the Park Champion initiative, NRPA members and community advocates are serving as year-round ambassadors for their community to their elected officials. With the support of the NRPA Public Policy team, our Park Champions are learning how to be effective advocates by engaging their federal elected officials with phone calls, letters, sign-ons, and, most importantly, Park Champion events.

Park Champions across the country are inviting their members of Congress and their staff to see their parks and programs first-hand at park dedications, program kick-offs, special events, and more! The Park Champion show-and-tell advocacy model allows our members to create meaningful experiences for members of Congress that demonstrate the importance of investing in parks and recreation.

Park Champion Event: Any event with a member of Congress or their staff present. 


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Park Champ of the Year Award 2018

Become A Park Champion!

  1. Read "What It Takes To Be A Park Champion"
  2. Attend a Park Champion webinar 
  3. Sign up to be a Park Champion

Current Park Champions

Get Started with the Toolkit

It's easy to invite your members of Congress to your next event with our step-by-step Park Champion event planning guide, the Park Champion Advocacy Toolkit


Plan Your Park Champion Event with the Toolkit 


Contact Jayni Rasmussen, Advocacy and Outreach Manager, with questions.

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