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Community Needs Assessments

The NRPA Community Needs Assessment Resource will guide you through the entire community needs assessment lifecycle — from deciding on clear goals to eliciting a high response rate from your community. Most importantly, it will show you how to use the survey data to strengthen your agency in both the short- and long-term.

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Customer Feedback Surveys

Customer feedback surveys lead to a more effective and engaged park and recreation staff. Building feedback loops through which your customers comment on your agency’s amenities and services allows your team to identify ways to deliver more satisfying experiences.

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NRPA Park Check: Parks & Recreation Quality Risk Assessment Tool

NRPA Park Check: Parks & Recreation Quality Risk Assessment is the online resource to evaluate the potential threat a park and recreation agency is facing in its ability to continue delivering high-quality park and recreation amenities and services to all members of their community in the future.

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Green Infrastructure Evaluation Framework

Green Infrastructure (GI) and this Evaluation Framework are at the heart of NRPA’s Great Urban Parks campaign. The goal is to help communities across the nation implement not only new green infrastructure projects but also evaluate the impact of these GI projects in new and practical ways.

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