Special Notice for Certified Professionals Expiring September 1st 2020:

All certified professionals expiring September 1st 2020 must complete all 2.0 CEU's required for renewal by end of day 9/1/2020. CEUs earned after 9/1/2020 will not be accepted for this renewal cycle. Renewal Applications, CEU Petition Forms, PSE Forms and associated documents and fees will be accepted until 11/30/2020.

The special notice does not apply if a renewal extension request has been submitted to certification@nrpa.com. Updated details will be provided to all certified professionals who have submitted an extension request to this address. If your CPRP or CPRE Certification expires 9/1/2020 and you would like to submit an extension request, please send all renewal deadline extension requests in writing to certification@nrpa.org for review and processing. 


CPRP is more than just letters after your name — it is an investment in your career that demonstrates your practical knowledge and the current real-world skills necessary in today’s changing park and recreation environment. Maintaining up-to-date certification demonstrates your dedication to professional development to employers, fellow professionals and the community. CPRP certification is valid for two years. 

You have two options to renew your certification:

Renewal Option 1:

Earn 2.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) within the two-year certification cycle and submit a completed recertification application, The recertification application can either be downloaded or completed online in the Online Certification Center.

Renewal Application Fees

  • Member: $65.00
  • Non-Member: $75.00

Download Renewal Application Apply Online

How to Earn CEUs Towards CPRP Certification Renewal

  • Attend the NRPA Annual Conference, state conferences, local events and trainings that offer CEUs
  • Complete online learning courses and webinars that offer CEUs
  • Complete college or university credits
    • Academic credits can be transferred to CEU equivalents by taking the total number of classroom instructional hours and dividing by 10
  • Earn Professional Service Experience (PSE) Points through contributions to the parks and recreation field via NRPA or a state affiliate (i.e. serving as a committee chair, speaking at a conference, serving as an accreditation visitor, etc.)
  • Complete a CEU Petition for equivalent credits for courses, institutes, and workshops that do not directly offer CEUs


Renewal Option 2

Successfully retake the CPRP examination. Individuals with expiring certification are eligible to apply for the CPRP exam only.

Apply for CPRP Exam Only


For questions or information on certification renewal, please email us at certification@nrpa.org

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