Special Notice for CPRP's Expiring September 1, 2022:

Certified professionals must complete all 2.0 CEUs required for renewal within their two-year certification maintenance cycle. CEUs received outside your certification cycle will not be accepted.

After September 1st: All Renewal Applications, Continuing Education Unit (CEU) petition forms, Professional Service Experience (PSE) forms, associated documents and fees will be accepted for 90 days following your certification expiration date (Deadline, November 30, 2022). 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current circumstances, NRPA and the National Certification Board will extend your CPRP certification expiration date by six months upon request, from 9/1/2022 to 3/1/2023. Certified professionals who request an extension will maintain a new two-year certification cycle beginning and ending in March. Certified professionals who have received an extension from 3/1/2022 to 9/1/2022 are not eligible for an additional extension unless granted through appeal. Eligible parties may request an extension online through the My NRPA tab in your NRPA Profile by November 30, 2022. 

Renewal Option 1

Earn 2.0 CEUs within the two-year certification cycle and submit a completed recertification application. The recertification application can either be downloaded or completed online in the Online Certification Center.

Renewal Application Fees

  • Member: $70.00
  • Non-Member: $80.00

Download Renewal Application Apply Online

How to Earn CEUs Towards CPRP Certification Renewal

  • Attend the NRPA Annual Conference, state conferences, local events and trainings that offer CEUs
  • Complete online learning courses and webinars that offer CEUs
  • Complete college or university credits
    • Academic credits can be transferred to CEU equivalents by taking the total number of classroom instructional hours and dividing it by 10
  • Earn Professional Service Experience (PSE) Points through contributions to the parks and recreation field via NRPA or a state affiliate (i.e., serving as a committee chair, speaking at a conference, serving as an accreditation visitor, etc.)
  • Complete a CEU Petition for equivalent credits for courses, institutes and workshops that do not directly offer CEUs


Renewal Option 2

Successfully retake the CPRP examination.

Apply for CPRP Exam Only


For questions or information on certification renewal, please email us at certification@nrpa.org.

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