Whether growing vegetables or flowers, many park and recreation agencies provide community gardens for all to enjoy. Nearly three-quarters of U.S. adults have gardened in their lifetime. Having access to community gardens provides  people without the space or means to grow plants where they live that opportunity. Ten percent of the population participates in community gardening.

Key Findings

  • Nearly three in four (74%) U.S. adults have gardened.
  • Outdoor container gardening (48%) and in-ground gardening (48%) are the most popular gardening methods.
  • Nearly two in three (64%) Baby Boomers have in-ground gardened much more than their younger peers (Gen X 47%, Millennials 41% and Gen Z 31%).
  • Gen Z and Millennials (15% and 16%, respectively) are more likely to have utilized community gardens than their older peers, with 7% of Gen X and just 3% baby boomers reporting to have done this.
  • One in 10 U.S. adults have participated in community gardening either through their local parks and recreation, HOA-offered or other.






























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