Park and Recreation Professionals Day is July 17, 2020!

This year during Park and Recreation Month we are celebrating Park and Recreation Professionals Day on Friday, July 17. This is a day to honor all the dedicated professionals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to provide the high-quality programs and infrastructure we desire and expect in our parks and public spaces. 

On Friday, July 17, we encourage all park and recreation agencies to host an event celebrating their staff, whether virtually or in-person, depending on your state and local guidance regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Be sure to share how you're celebrating with us on social media using #NRPAParkandRecDay.

Promote the celebration in your own community and create a tribute to those who selflessly deliver quality recreational and educational opportunities and keep our parks clean, safe, welcoming, inclusive and ready to use.

Park and Recreation Professionals Day originally began with the Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society (PRPS) as a statewide celebration in 2019, and this year we are taking it nationwide! You can read the full concept of Pennsylvania’s Park and Recreation Professionals Day here, as well as listen to this episode of Open Space Radio to hear Tim Herd, CEO of PRPS discuss the idea behind the day and how you can join the celebration:


Park and Recreation Professionals Day Proclamation

Proclaiming the third Friday in July (July 17, 2020) as Park and Recreation Professionals Day is an opportunity for your community and local leadership to acknowledge the importance of park and recreation professionals and the benefits they provide to the people they serve. Having July 17 proclaimed as Park and Recreation Professionals Day is also a great way to create community and media awareness for the essential services your staff provides.

Every locality has its own policies on how to get a proclamation commemorating something (or someone) approved. Below is an outline of the usual process and tips on how to get July 17 declared Park and Recreation Professionals Day in your community:

1. Determine who has the authority to make the proclamation

  • Usually, this is a local elected official: mayor, city council, board of supervisors, parks and recreation commission, school board, etc. You may also want to ask around to see if there is an existing process for proclamations.

2. Determine who should ask for the proclamation

  • The strongest case for having July declared as Park and Recreation Month in your local community would come from a voter (a member of the general public) rather than an elected official.

3. Create the proclamation

  • Start with the template proclamation and include as much local information as possible. Make the case for the important role park and recreation professionals play in your community.

4. Start now!

  • Timing is often the biggest issue. Your mayor or council may have designated dates and times per month when they consider proclamations and if you miss the deadline, you miss the opportunity.


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