Advocacy is one of the most important services we provide to our members. Our public policy team works every day to represent the cause of public parks and recreation at the federal level by fighting for funding and legislation that improves access to open space and recreational opportunities for all people.

Learn About Federal Policy and Legislative Issues Impacting Parks and Recreation

Please take time to review these advocacy resources to learn about the federal policy and legislative issues impacting parks and recreation and what you can do to help advance the interest of parks and recreation in your community and throughout America.

  • Take Action - Send messages directly to your members of Congress, learn the status of key legislation, and take direct action to advance the parks and recreation movement.

  • Advocacy Insider - NRPA's online advocacy newsletter. Stay informed on federal legislation, national policy developments, and breaking news of importance to parks and recreation. Here you will find the most recent edition of Advocacy Insider as well as archived editions.

  • Advocacy Resource Center - From fact sheets and issue briefs, to reports and analysis, to NRPA submitted testimony and official comments, this one stop shop will provide you with all of the tools you need to be an effective advocate for parks and recreation. Learn about NRPA's Legislative Platform.

  • Park Champions - With the support of the NRPA Public Policy team, Park Champions are learning how to be effective advocates by engaging their elected officials with phone calls, letters, sign-ons, and events.

  • NRPA Summer Camp on Capitol Hill - We invited you to experience what a typical child experiences in a summer camp or out-of-school time program offered by local parks and recreation. You'll see firsthand how federal funding is critical to fostering healthier youth through out-of-school time. Learn more about this event.

Congress Is Getting PHIT, Thanks to You!

PHIT Act Blog 410

Passage of the PHIT Act in the House represents an increased support for physical activity as a crucial component of a healthy lifestyle.

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August Congressional Recess

2018 August Advocacy 410

The opportune time for advocating for parks and recreation.

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NRPA’s 2nd Annual Summer Camp on Capitol Hill

2018 August NRPA Update Summer Camp on the Hill 410

Members of Congress rediscover their love for summer camp.

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Show Congress What Summer at Home Looks Like

park champion event

If you have an exciting summer program, ribbon cutting, park dedication or special summer event, don’t forget to invite your members of Congress.

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Keep Pressuring Congress About LWCF Reauthorization

2018 July Advocacy 410

Now is the time to learn more about the Land and Water Conservation Fund and some easy steps to ensure that this program continues.

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August: The Best Month to Champion Your Park

2018 July NRPA Update Park Champion Logo Round 410

On August 3, members of Congress will head home for the summer to connect with constituents for an entire month — a huge opportunity for your agency!

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