The Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) Certification course is a 3-day playground safety training, with the exam administered on the third day. Course attendees will gain practical, hands-on training on how to apply the ASTM standards and the CPSC guidelines to playground environments.

Why Host a Course?

  1. It is the most cost-effective way to train your staff to identify and document safety hazards, establish a risk management plan and much more.

  2. Opening registration to the public will turn your CPSI course into a revenue generator.

  3. Hosting is as easy as securing a location and inviting participants. The Certified Playground Safety Inspector course is hosted in a classroom and includes an afternoon site visit to a local playground.

How to Host

Once a location is found and the course dates are determined, Please fill out a course request form. The course host will answer all questions regarding registration details including: cost, location, accommodations, etc.

CPSI Course Host Resources

To help with marketing your CPSI course please contact Terrence Johnson, NRPA’s Playground Safety Specialist at 703.858.4749

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