The National Recreation and Park Association polls U.S. residents to explore their views on topics related to the park and recreation field. Each poll targets 1,000 adults ages 18 and up, representing a cross-section of the population.

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Giving the Gift of Outdoor Activities

December 2021
Gifts associated with the outdoors are big this holiday season. 

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Park Pulse November 2021The Value of Local Trails

November 2021
Parks and Recreation Link Our Lives Through Trails

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Time Spent Outside Reduces Stress

October 2021
Just 20 minutes a day outside reduces stress. How long do adults spend outside daily?

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Partnering With Schools for Greater Access

September 2021
Sharing outdoor open spaces for increased recreation opportunities.

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Summer Means Happy Memories

August 2021
Childhood memories of the beach, park and playground are shared with the next generation.

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Investing in Parks and Recreation

July 2021
U.S. adults want their local governments to invest in community infrastructure.

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Mental Health Benefits of Parks and Recreation

June 2021
U.S. adults find activities offered by local park and recreation agencies benefit their mental health. 

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Outdoor Activities for All This Spring and Summer

May 2021
There is something outside for everyone to enjoy.

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Public Support for Environmental Initiatives

April 2021
Park and recreation professionals play a vital role in the protection of our environment.

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Career Opportunities for Youth and Young Adults

March 2021
Many young adults’ first-ever job is at the local park and recreation agency.

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A Look Back at Physical Activity Levels in 2020

February 2021
Parks and recreation provide vital resources for physical activity. 

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Mentors Are Important in the Lives of Youth

January 2021
Park and recreation professionals provide important mentorship to youth.

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Take Action with Parks and Recreation to Help Your Community

December 2020
Volunteer opportunities for all ages exist through local park and recreation agencies.

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Create New Traditions in Parks this Season

November 2020
Local parks, campgrounds and greenspaces provide great opportunities for families and friends to gather this fall and winter.

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October 2020: Strong Support for Park and Recreation FundingStrong Support for Park and Recreation Funding

October 2020
U.S. adults want their local government to dedicate funds through revenues, taxes and levies that directly support parks and recreation.

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NRPA commissions Wakefield Research to survey approximately 1,000 adults ages 18 and up, on topics related to the park and recreation field. Each month, NRPA will release a new Park Pulse poll result. If you have a suggestion for a Park Pulse poll question, please send it to Kevin Roth.


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