Parks and recreation offer a wide range of options in the winter months. Whether this time of year moves your preferred activities inside to escape the cold outdoors, allowing you to enjoy a respite from the heat occurring the rest of the year, your local parks and rec has you covered. Running or walking outdoors was listed as the most popular park and recreation activity in the winter. Meanwhile, gym workouts, other indoor activities, and indoor fitness classes trail close behind running or walking outdoors as preferred winter park and recreation activities. No matter where people live or what the weather is like, it is important that they stay active all year long. And what better way to stay active than by using the facilities provided by one’s local park and recreation agency?

Key Findings:

  • Forty five percent of U.S adults listed running or walking outdoors as their favorite winter parks and recreation activity.
  • Thirty six percent of survey respondents indicated that working out at the gym was their favorite winter wellness activity associated with their park and recreation department
  • Thirty four percent of U.S. adults said that they preferred other indoor activities during the wintertime in order to stay active and utilize their park and recreation facilities

November 2024 Park Pulse


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