Special notice for CPRE's expiring March 1, 2024:

All Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and petitioned courses must have been completed on or within your current
certification cycle dates. Education/credits acheived outside your certification cycle dates are not eligible for the March 1, 2024, renewal period.

To maintain your certification, CPRE's who expired March 1, 2024, must submit the following documentation by May 31, 2024:

  • Renewal applications
  • CEU petitions (optional)
  • PSE forms (optional)
  • All applicable fees

Renewal Option 1

Earn 3.0 CEUs within the three-year certification cycle and submit a completed recertification application, The recertification application can either be downloaded or completed online in the Online Certification Center. 

Renewal Application Fees

  • Member: $95
  • Non-Member: $125

 Download Renewal Application Apply Online

How to Earn CEUs Towards CPRE Certification Renewal

  • Attend the NRPA Annual Conference, state conferences, local events and trainings that offer CEUs
  • Complete online learning courses and webinars that offer CEUs
  • Complete college or university credits
    • Academic credits from accredited colleges and universities can be transferred to CEU equivalents by taking the total number of classroom instructional hours and dividing it by 10
  • Earn Professional Service Experience (PSE) Points through contributions to the parks and recreation field via NRPA or a state affiliate (i.e. serving as a committee chair, speaking at a conference, serving as an accreditation visitor, etc.)
  • Complete a CEU petition for equivalent credits for courses, institutes, and workshops that do not directly offer CEUs


Renewal Option 2

Successfully retake the CPRE examination.

Apply for CPRE Exam Only


For questions or information email us at certification@nrpa.org.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I check my certification status?

Login to your NRPA Profile and select the Professional Development tab. You can view your current certification status, print copies of your certificates, view both your official NRPA CEU as well as CEU records from the online certification center and more.

How do I renew my CPRE?

All CEU received from NRPA-sanctioned events will display on your NRPA profile automatically. You can record CEU received from outside organizations and submit your renewal payment online or with the paper renewal application linked above. All CEU, petitioned courses and services recorded on the PSE form must have been completed on or within your current certification cycle dates. 

To record CEU from events not sanctioned by NRPA select the Apply Online button.

  • You will then be prompted to log in (this is the same login information that you use to log in to the NRPA website)
  • Select the Certification you wish to post your CEU to
  • Select “Renew”
  • Select “Track my CEU for Future Certification Renewal” (if prompted)
  • Input CEU in the boxes provided below.
  • Once you have submitted 3.0 CEU you will automatically be taken to the renewal payment screen, enter payment to complete your renewal application.

What kind of credits can be used to renew my certification?

Any course/training that offers Continuing Education Units (CEU) and is achieved on or within your certification cycle dates may be used to renew your CPRE certification. If a course/training, you took on or within your certification cycle dates did not offer CEU credit (or offered a type of credit other than CEU) you are eligible to petition for credit through NRPA using the CEU petition. NRPA-sanctioned courses/webinars that do not already offer CEU credit are not eligible for petition. In addition, if you provide specific services to NRPA or your State Association you may be eligible for Professional Service Experience points, which can be transferred to CEU equivalency by submitting the PSE form. Academic credits can be transferred automatically to CEU by taking the total number of semester credit hours and dividing by 10.

Do I need to provide proof of my Continuing Education Units?

You are not required to submit proof of your CEU at the time of renewal. However, hold onto a copy of your CEU certificates and transcripts in case you are audited during the renewal period.

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