Getting certified not only keeps your skills sharp, but also gives you prominence in the industry. Becoming a Certified Park and Recreation Executive (CPRE) will bring you to the pinnacle of the profession and demonstrate the true leader that you are. The CPRE certification is the highest level a park and recreation professional can reach and will give you many career advantages, including:

  • Demonstrating leadership in all aspects of managing a park and recreation department.
  • Mastering policy development and the management of fiscal, property and personnel resources.
  • Gaining an edge over other candidates when a promotion opportunity pops up or your dream job calls.
  • Joining an elite group of nearly 250 CPRE's who have committed to advancing our field.



To qualify to become a CPRE, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Hold a current CPRP Certification and have a Bachelor’s degree and 5 years of professional full-time manager experience.


  • Hold a current CPRP Certification and have a Master’s degree or higher and 4 years of professional full-time manager experience

An individual may be either a CPRP or a CPRE but they cannot maintain both certifications at one time.


How to Become a CPRE

To become a CPRE, you must meet the eligibility requirements above, submit an application and pass the CPRE exam. To get started, complete the online application and pay the application and exam fee. CPRE certification is valid for three years. 

Apply Online Apply by Mail


Individual CPRE Application and Exam Fees

  • $345 for NRPA Members
  • $404 for Non-NRPA members

Learn More About the Exam

CPRP & CPRE Combo Application

  • Not a CPRP? No problem, sign up for both exams at the same time for a discounted rate using the CPRP & CPRE Dual Application 
  • Applicants must qualify for both exams, for more information on qualifications for the CPRP click here.
  • Individuals may also apply for the CPRE as part of a group certification discount package. Click here for more information on group certification discount packages offered through NRPA.

CPRE Prep Materials and Resources

Access the CPRE Candidate Handbook, Procedures Manual, special testing accommodation forms and other resources to help you become a CPRE.

Prep Materials & Resources 


For questions or further information on certification, please email us at

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