The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) periodically posts information about grant and fundraising opportunities that are available for park and recreation agencies. 

Current NRPA Grant Opportunities

Scholarships for Green Infrastructure Training

NRPA will award 25 applicants with scholarships to attend a 2.5-day National Green Infrastructure Certification Program (NGICP) training in May 2019 in Philadelphia, PA. The training is geared to professionals responsible for the land management and maintenance and operations of municipal parks. Applications are due by December 17.

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Other Grant Opportunities

Sea World and Busch Gardens Conservation Fund

The Sea World and Busch Gardens Conservation Fund is launching its 2019 funding cycle to support projects focused on conservation and wildlife protection, including conservation education and habitat protection. Eligible conservation education projects include nature deficit disorder programs designed to encourage youth to spend more time outdoors connecting with nature. Nonprofits, governmental entities, and universities are eligible to apply. Most awards range from $10,000 to $25,000. Applications are due by November 30. Learn more and apply.

Inclusive Recreation: Tommy Wilson Memorial Grant

The Tommy Wilson Memorial Grant supports recreational programs for individuals with disabilities. Funds must go directly to supporting individuals with disabilities in recreational activities (e.g., equipment, housing, registration fees, facilities). Applications are due by December 1. Learn more and apply.

Feed A Bee Improved Pollinator Grants

The Bayer North America Bee Care Program is accepting proposals on a rolling basis for the Feed a Bee Grant Program. This program funds foraging planting and restoration initiatives that will promote pollinator health and help provide a tangible, sustainable solution to the current lack of forage. This program will also support education initiatives that encourage others to establish pollinator forage. Government agencies, gardening groups, nonprofits, and other organizations are eligible to apply for grants of $1,000; $2,500; or $5,000. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until December 15. Learn more and apply.

American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Shade Structure Program

The American Academy of Dermatology is offering grants of up to $8,000 to local parks, schools, and other places where children learn and play for the purchase of permanent shade structures. Examples of outdoor locations that are eligible for shade structure funding include, but are not limited to, playgrounds, pool decks, ball field dugouts, eating areas, etc. Eligible applicants must have a sun-safety/skin cancer awareness program that has been in place for at least one year and must be recommended by a local AAD-member dermatologist. Applications are due by December 31. Learn more and apply.

Baseball Tomorrow Fund (BTW) Grants

The Baseball Tomorrow Fund will make awards to nonprofit organizations, municipalities, and other tax-exempt organizations involved in the operation of youth baseball and/or softball programs and facilities. Funds may be used to finance a new program, expand or improve an existing program, undertake a new collaborative effort, or obtain facilities or equipment necessary for youth baseball or softball programs. The average award amount is $40,000. Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Deadlines are January 1, 2019, April 1, 2019, and July 1, 2019. Learn more and apply.

Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act 

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is accepting 2019 project proposals to protect, restore and enhance Great Lakes fish and wildlife habitat under the Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act. The purpose of the Act is to provide assistance to States, Indian Tribes, and other interested entities to encourage cooperative conservation, restoration and management of the fish and wildlife resources and their habitats in the Great Lakes Basin. Applications are due by January 7, 2019 by 5 p.m. Eastern. Learn more and apply.

NFL Foundation Grassroots Grant Program

The NFL Foundation’s Grassroots Program provides funding and technical assistance to nonprofit, neighborhood-based organizations to improve the quality, safety, and accessibility of local community and school football fields. Awards will be made for up to $250,000 to support capital improvement projects. Applicants must have 501(c)(3) nonprofit status or be a middle or high school; however, nonprofit organizations can apply to make improvements to fields owned and managed by public sector entities such as cities and park and recreation departments. Strong preference will be given to applicants that involve local partnerships with nonprofit community partners, including park and recreation departments, to promote youth sports safety and community programming on the fields. Applications are due January 31, 2019. Learn more and apply.

Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program

The Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program helps state and local public organizations acquire personal property that is no longer needed by federal agencies. Personal property refers to tangible items ranging from common products, such as office equipment and furniture, to specialized apparatuses, including scientific devices and heavy machinery. Most local public agencies, nonprofit educational and public health agencies, and nonprofit and public programs for the elderly are eligible to receive donations of personal property though this program. To review available property and begin the donation application process, applicants should contact their State Agency for Surplus Property (SASP). Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis based on the availability of property. Learn more and apply.

Surplus Real Property Donation Program

The Surplus Federal Real Property Donation Program helps state and local public organizations acquire surplus federal real estate property that is no longer needed by the federal government. This program allows property to be transferred to local agencies and institutions at discounts up to 100 percent of fair market value for public parks, public recreational areas, historic monuments, public health or educational uses, wildlife conservation, and other related purposes. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis based on the availability of real property. Learn more and apply.

Common Counsel Foundation: Still We Rise Fund

The Still We Rise Fund is designed to support community-based efforts to defend residents and families, build resiliency, and develop new strategies and alliances to support the rights of vulnerable communities, including immigrant, Black, Arab and Muslim, Native-American, women, working-class, and LGBTQ communities. Eligible applicants are 501(c)(3) nonprofits and other community entities with a 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor. The typical award size is $5,000. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and distributed monthly. Learn more and apply.

Baseball Tomorrow Fund/Major League Baseball Field Maintenance Education Program

This program provides the opportunity for MLB groundskeepers to share tips and techniques with other professional sports turf managers, coaches, parents and volunteers who are involved in the maintenance of youth baseball and softball fields. In conjunction with the clinics, the Baseball Tomorrow Fund awards a $10,000 grant to a local organization selected by the participating Club. The grant funds are used for the purchase of field maintenance supplies, equipment or services. Learn more and apply

CAN’d Aid Crush It Crusade Grants

The CAN’d Aid Foundation is accepting applications from communities, local organizations, and local government entities to help support recycling programs. The Foundation awards small grants to fund program expenses including signage and education, and also provides in-kind recycling tents and bins and training on sustainable waste management. The typical award amount is $5,000. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Learn more and apply.

Community Facilities Direct Loan and Grant Program – Rural Communities

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) provides grants, low-interest direct loans, and/or combinations of the two to develop essential community facilities in rural areas, including public facilities, community support services, and local food systems such as community gardens and food hubs. Public entities, nonprofit organizations, and tribal entities in rural communities are eligible to apply. Applications accepted on  a rolling basis. Learn more and apply.

Keep America Beautiful's Community Restoration and Resiliency Fund

Keep America Beautiful's Community Restoration and Resiliency Fund benefits Keep America Beautiful Affiliates that serve communities directly affected by natural and environmental disasters. The fund provides immediate and long-term support for initial and ongoing cleanup efforts and helps rebuild vital public spaces: parks, greenways, community gateways, Main Street/downtown areas, open spaces and more. Applications accepted on a rolling basis. Learn more and apply.

United States Golf Association (USGA) Alliance Grant Program

With funding from the USGA, the National Alliance for Accessible Golf is providing financial assistance and resources to make golf more accessible to people with disabilities. The funding agency is especially interested in projects that focus on inclusion of people with disabilities in programs that involve those without disabilities with the ultimate goal of enhancing their inclusion into the fabric of their community. Applications will be accepted from 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and government entities. Grants are generally limited to $20,000. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Learn more and apply.

United States Tennis Association (USTA) Facility Assistance Program

The USTA offers technical and financial support to improve tennis facilities across the country. In addition, selected communities will be appointed project consultants from the USTA National staff who will deliver personalized support and service. Applications for assistance are accepted on a rolling basis. Learn more and apply.

Independent Fundraising Resources

When looking for funding and grants, there are many resources available on the Internet. Below are just a few suggestions on where to start your research.

  1. Foundation Center: Provides both training and research information on corporate and foundation grant programs. The grants database is a collection of thousands of grants.
  2. Guidestar: An excellent source of IRS 990 forms for foundations and other nonprofit organizations.
  3. Chronicle of Philanthropy: The Chronicle is a newspaper for nonprofit news publishing, fundraising trends, resources, and recent grants.
  4. Crowdfunding Toolkit
  5. Nonprofit Times: Nonprofit management newspaper.
  6. Hoovers: Profiles millions of U.S. companies. It is a great source for employee contact information.
  7. Fortune Magazine: A resource for identifying companies by state and industry.
  8. Leadership Directories
  9. Google, Yahoo Finance, and other general search engines.
  10. Newspapers and magazines like the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, New York Times.


If you are interested in learning more about NRPA's fundraising resources please contact Cassie Pais at 703.858.2151.

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