The National Recreation and Park Association polls U.S. residents to explore their views on topics related to the park and recreation field. Each poll targets 1,000 adults ages 18 and up, representing a cross-section of the population.


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Healthier Lives Thanks to Recreation Healthier Lives Thanks to Recreation

June 2023
Access to recreation opportunities is important for leading a healthy life.

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Recent Park Pulse Findings

Investing in Safe Play

May 2023
Ensure playground safety through dedicated local government funding.

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Taking Action for Sustainability Taking Action for Sustainability

April 2023
Parks and recreation excel in implementing sustainable measures throughout their communities.

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No-Limits Youth Sports OpportunitiesNo-Limits Youth Sports Opportunities

March 2023
Skill and finances should not be a barrier for youth to play sports.

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Take Your Workout Inside

February 2023
When weather puts a damper on outdoor fitness routines, parks and recreation provides indoor activities to keep everyone moving.

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The Price of RecreationThe Price of Recreation

January 2023
Affordable recreation options available through your local parks and recreation.

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Celebrate with Parks and RecreationCelebrate with Parks and Recreation

December 2022
Look to your local parks and recreation for your holiday-themed activities and events.

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A Place for All to PlayAn older adult does exercises in a wheelchair.

November 2022
Adaptive programming creates opportunities for all to participate.

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Providing Vital Youth Services

October 2022
Youth have access to a vast array of offerings at their local park and recreation agency when school is not in session.

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Increasing Access to Locally Grown FoodIncreasing Access to Locally Grown Food

September 2022
Parks and recreation strive to provide access to local food options in the community.

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Prioritize Parks and Recreation at the PollsParks and Recreation Is a Funding Priority

August 2022
Political candidates that show strong support for funding parks and recreation are more likely to get the vote.

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Nature Helps in Stressful TimesNature Helps in Stressful Times

July 2022
Having access to the outdoors and nature is an asset to individuals and families in times of stress.

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Inclusive Policies and PracticesInclusive Policies and Practices

June 2022
Ensure all people — regardless of background or abilities — can fairly participate in parks and recreation.

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Accessing First-Aid Training and Opportunities

May 2022
Learning first-aid in school and work can help save a life.

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Cultivating Environmental Stewardship

April 2022
Start teaching children early to be good environmental stewards in their communities.

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Kids PLaying SoccerProviding Youth Sports Opportunities

March 2022
Adults agree on the importance of youth having equitable access to sports opportunities.

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NRPA commissions Wakefield Research to survey approximately 1,000 adults ages 18 and up, on topics related to the park and recreation field. Each month, NRPA will release a new Park Pulse poll result. If you have a suggestion for a Park Pulse poll question, please send it to Kevin Roth.


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