Springtime Changes

By Samantha Bartram | Posted on May 6, 2014

Each month, as you crack the spine of a fresh Parks & Recreation Magazine, we hope the experience is both exciting and familiar. Exciting in that you’re delving into a cache of brand-new stories and updates from around our industry, and familiar in the way those items are presented, section by section.

This month, you may notice one of the first sections in our magazine has been rebranded — Front Page, which gives a first glimpse of notable park and recreation news, will now be known as Community Center

Over the years, we’ve seen a few evolutions of the title of this section of the magazine, but we felt Community Center hit the sweet spot of both welcoming you to the issue and speaking to the nature of the section’s content. Within Community Center, we’ll continue to highlight the parks, people and programs that demand attention, whether it’s April’s examination of an NFL Play 60 Kidzone Park in North Carolina, May’s hat tip to an innovative Zombie Survival Camp in Iowa, or any of the smaller items contained in our Briefly Noted section. 



Parks & Recreation Magazine's new Community Center section this month 


Of course, we welcome your feedback about this new change and anything else that catches your eye in Parks & Recreation Magazine. As always, we thank you for your loyal readership and look forward to “seeing you” at the Community Center!


Samantha Bartram is NRPA's Associate Editor of Parks & Recreation Magazine.