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#Winning: The Art of Getting Voters to Open their Wallets for Parks

Seattle, Washington
August 8-10, 2018

Park and recreation agencies from coast to coast struggle to find the resources to adequately operate and maintain their existing assets. Is dedicated funding the solution? (Yes.) Thank you for joining us in Seattle to delve into the politics of voter-approved park and recreation funding mechanisms. Using Seattle’s passage of a special park district in 2014 as a model, we discussed how different communities have succeeded - and failed - in going to the voters for dedicated parks and recreation funding. We convened some of the brains behind the passage of the Seattle referendum, and through an interactive workshop, we helped attendees envision what a successful campaign could look like in different communities. 

What was Learned:

  • Through case studies, panel discussions, and interactive workshop attendees gained knowledge of key tools and strategies to implement a successful ballot measure in their community.
  • Attendees learned how to match community needs with funding sources, and how to craft a campaign to meet those needs.
  • View the event agenda.

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