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The Healing Power of Parks: Regenerating Landscapes and Communities

By Clement Lau, DPPD, FAICP | Posted on May 17, 2024

By restoring damaged landscapes, providing valuable green spaces, and fostering environmental education and awareness, parks can play a significant role in healing the land and building more sustainable and resilient communities.

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NRPA Launches Workforce Development Community of Practice

By Barbara Kapustin | Posted on May 10, 2024

The Workforce Development CoP is a funded opportunity for rural agencies that currently provide workforce development programming through their out-of-school time (OST) services to youth (ages 14-21). The CoP will allow agencies to connect and learn from peers, problem-solve challenges, and receive assistance from cohort peers and industry experts.

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NRPA Niagara Refresh Project Impacts Youth Across the Country

By Rukmini Kalamangalam | Posted on April 10, 2024

In celebration of the Niagara 60th anniversary in 2023, Niagara Bottling and NRPA tested a new model — a supplementary investment in parks that had previously been supported by grants. This past year, eight parks across the United States have received funding from Niagara to refresh their outdoor play space.

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Creating a World Where Humanity Stands Out — Episode 153

By Cort Jones and Cara Myers | Posted on April 9, 2024

On today’s episode, we’re talking with someone who has been making a big impact in the larger outdoor industry for a while now. Teresa Baker, founder of In Solidarity Project, is an outdoor enthusiast focusing on community engagement, creating events that encourage people to venture outdoors responsibly, and learning about our open spaces and what it takes to protect them.

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This Earth Month Let’s Celebrate Park and Recreation Professionals as Climate Heroes

By Michele White, CAE, IOM | Posted on April 4, 2024

April is Earth Month — the perfect time to engage community members in park cleanups and park improvement projects. Whether it’s planting trees or creating pollinator habitats, hosting outdoor activities to connect communities to nature, or fostering community engagement through environmental initiatives, park and recreation professionals are the driving force behind transformative change in our public spaces.

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Revitalizing Houghton Park: A Community-Led Transformation

By Rukmini Kalamangalam | Posted on March 22, 2024

Before receiving a park improvement grant from The Bobcat Company, community members removed the trash they could on their own—routinely bringing vehicles into the park and leaving with mattresses, tires, and other liftable debris. However, with backing from the partnership between Bobcat and NRPA, community members have been able to rely on BNRLT and Bobcat of Buffalo to facilitate the removal of dangerous and heavy debris.

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Funding Available: Community Change Grants Program

By Kyle Simpson | Posted on March 18, 2024

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Community Change Grant Program was announced and opened for applications in late 2023. The program will award roughly $2 billion in project funding for projects that provide meaningful improvements to the environmental, climate, and resilience conditions affecting disadvantaged communities.

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Having Fun and Doing the Right Thing in San Antonio — Episode 151

By Cort Jones and Cara Myers | Posted on February 13, 2024

On the latest episode of Open Space Radio, we're exploring an exciting partnership between NRPA, Bobcat Company and the San Antonio River Authority that is advancing resilient park access.

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Planting a Sustainable Future at Trueheart Ranch Nature Park

By Austin Barrett and Miriam Lamoreaux | Posted on February 8, 2024

On November 2, 2023, a few dozen warm-hearted people gathered on an unseasonably cold morning, just south of San Antonio, Texas, to celebrate the future of Trueheart Ranch Nature Park as part of NRPA's partnership with Bobcat Company.

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Auburndale Park's Trail Revitalization with Bobcat and NRPA

By Charissa Hipp | Posted on January 18, 2024

The City of Auburn, Washington, was one of five recipients of a $50,000 Bobcat grant to support park improvement projects awarded as part of Bobcat’s 65th anniversary celebration in 2023.

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A Personalized and Flexible Approach to Continuous Learning in 2024

By NRPA Professional Development Team | Posted on January 4, 2024

In 2024, park and recreation professionals can look forward to opportunities from NRPA to learn at their own pace and focus on areas most relevant to them.

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NRPA and Bobcat Partnership Builds Resilient Park Access: City of Stonecrest, Georgia

By Rukmini Kalamangalam | Posted on December 14, 2023

Thanks to Bobcat Company, The City of Stonecrest Parks and Recreation has recently completed a 1.5-mile trail in Everett Park. This project was one of five made possible by a partnership between Bobcat and NRPA.

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Fifth Annual Parks for Pollinators BioBlitz Raises Awareness of Biodiversity in Local Parks

By Rukmini Kalamangalam | Posted on October 25, 2023

This September, NRPA hosted its fifth annual Parks for Pollinators BioBlitz, a national campaign to raise awareness and community involvement in the pollinator crisis through local parks and recreation and like-minded organizations.

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How to Protect What We Love (People and the Planet) — Episode 144

By Cort Jones and Christina High | Posted on October 10, 2023

On this episode of Open Space Radio, we talk with Kenny Barnes, the program and outreach coordinator for Sustainability Matters, a grassroots environmental nonprofit dedicated to cultivating community through conservation and making sustainability fun, realistic and inclusive for all.

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Launching the American Climate Corps

By Elyse Gentile and Kyle Simpson | Posted on September 27, 2023

Last week, President Joe Biden announced the launch of the American Climate Corps, which will allow approximately 20,000 young people to participate in workforce training and service initiatives in the clean energy, conservation and climate resiliency fields.

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A Listen Back at 2023 So Far — Episode 142

By Cort Jones | Posted on September 12, 2023

On this episode of Open Space Radio, we take a listen back at the wisdom and experience of some of our favorite guests from this year so far.

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Building Resilient Park Access in Detroit

By Justin Taylor and Rachel Felder | Posted on September 8, 2023

Through NRPA’s Resilient Park Access grant, Detroit Parks and Recreation was given the opportunity to create seven nature pockets that are centered in equity and social and climate resiliency.

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San Dimas Canyon Nature Center

Celebrating and Protecting Biodiversity

By Clement Lau, DPPD, FAICP | Posted on September 5, 2023

Learn a few ways that park and recreation agencies celebrate and protect biodiversity, with specific examples of how the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation carries them out.

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