2020 January Feature Top Trends 2020 410

Top Trends in Parks and Recreation 2020

Discover the hottest topics and trends that park and recreational professionals will be talking about this year.

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2020 January Feature Pricing Strategies That Combat Social Injustice 410

Pricing Strategies That Combat Social Injustice

Understand how your agency can leverage price premiums and discounts to optimize economic equity.

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2020 January Feature Indigenous Peoples Day or Columbus Day 410

Indigenous Peoples' Day or Columbus Day: Lessons in Leadership and Risk-Taking

City of Bristol Parks, Recreation, Youth and Community Services describes how a national holiday sparked a larger, community-wide conversation about P&R’s role in social equity.

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Additional Articles

Kristine Stratton 410

P&R Trends Driving the 2020 Conversation

In the January issue, we dig into the trends that are impacting the field of parks and recreation, including those that create opportunities to leverage or challenges to manage.

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Gina Mullins Cohen Standing Pond 410

Reflecting on the Past, Preparing for the Future

We are excited to start the new year by continuing to celebrate the exceptional profession and people we serve, the good work you have accomplished and all the great things you have yet to do.

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2020 January Research Marketing and Communications Report 410

The NRPA Park and Recreation Marketing and Communications Report

This latest report chronicles park agencies' marketing and communications goals, their partners and the resources they tap.

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Park Pulse 410

Parks and Recreation: A Cure for Winter Inactivity

Find out what survey participants had to say.

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2020 January Advocacy Celebrating National Advocacy Month 410

Celebrating National Mentoring Month

January is the time to celebrate mentors and mentoring in equal measure.

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2020 January Law Review Policy Immunity Challenged in Hazardous Tree Deaths 410

Policy Immunity Challenged in Hazardous Tree Deaths

In this month’s Law Review, we take a closer look at whether the Federal Tort Claims Act bars a suit against federal officials for their failure to prevent a fatal accident in Yosemite National Park.

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2020 January Health and Wellness Farmers Markets Healthy Meals 410

Farmers Markets, Parks and Rec, and Healthy Meals

Pairing fresh, local produce with healthy meals is the perfect connection to strengthen the bonds between the community and the local agriculture system.

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2020 January Conservation Advanced Tech Conservation Goals 410

Using Advanced Technology to Reach Our Conservation Goals

As we look back and recognize the strides we have made in conservation, we can also look to the future and determine what tools and tactics we need to address today’s threats.

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2020 January Social Equity Advocacy and the Changing Attitudes Toward Disabilities 410

Advocacy and the Changing Attitudes Toward Disability

A recent study abroad program focuses on people with disabilities and how those without disabilities now perceive them.

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2020 January NRPA Update Data Collection 410

Participate in a New Decade of Data Collection

The deadline for contributing your agency’s 2019 data through the NRPA Park Metrics Agency Performance Survey is approaching.

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2020 January NRPA Update NRPA Coca Cola Take On Plastic Pollution Problem Atlanta 410

NRPA, Coca-Cola and Others Take on the Plastic Pollution Problem in Atlanta

NRPA has partnered with The Coca-Cola Company, the city of Atlanta and others to tackle the problem in Atlanta’s Proctor Creek watershed.

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2020 January NRPA Update Member Spotlight Shane Wampler 410

Member Spotlight: Shane Wampler

The recreation supervisor for City of Omaha (Nebraska) Parks and Recreation discusses his experience with pickleball and shares his thoughts on the sport.

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2020 January NRPA Update Awards 410

Applications Open January 6 for the 2020 NRPA Awards

Applications open in January 2020 for the NRPA Innovation Awards, Spotlight Awards, Fellowships and Scholarships, and the Robert W. Crawford Hall of Fame.

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2020 January NRPA Update Product Spotlight 410

The Stories Behind the Latest Park and Rec Products

NRPA’s new Product Spotlight video series features interviews with leading park and recreation product developers that tell the story behind the design and inspiration of their products.

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2020 January NRPA Update Connect Hot Topics Mobile Rec 410

Connect Hot Topics

An NRPA member asks for suggestions regarding mobile rec units. Log in to NRPA Connect to join the discussion.

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2020 January NRPA Update Member Benefit ePACT 410

Member Benefit: Three Reasons to Eliminate Paper Medical and Emergency Forms

ePACT's system saves time, money and effort, controls authorized access to data, and improves the accuracy and accessibility of critical participant information.

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Parks Recreation Crossword 410

Parks & Recreation Crossword: 2020, January

Test your park and recreation knowledge and download NRPA's monthly crossword puzzle!

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2020 January Operations Are You Prepared When Technology Fails 410

Are You Prepared When Technology Fails?

Learn how to keep your agency operating smoothly during a system shutdown.

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2020 January Park Bench Building Water Confidence 410

Building Water Confidence

The Underwater Torpedo League (UTL) talks about its program’s tactics and goals to build water confidence nationwide through a newly developed, water-based sport.

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