1222 feature traffic gardens 410

Growing Bicyclists in a Traffic Garden

Discover how traffic gardens can teach children to safely navigate active transportation methods.

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1222 feature pbc 410

Evaluating the 2019 Parks Build Community Project

Researchers combine traditional and new evaluation methods to support this important park and recreation story.

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2022 NRPA Annual Conference Revisited

Thousands come to Phoenix, Arizona, while others opt for a virtual experience.

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Additional Articles

Carolyn McKnight Fredd 410

Celebrating Parks and Recreation as Leaders in Health and More

We know that to advocate for our field, it is important to tell our park and recreation stories.

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Vi Paynich 410

Changemakers Remind Us of the Bigger Picture

Rather than dwelling on insignificant matters, changemakers remain resolute to solving the bigger injustices related to race, gender and socioeconomics.

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1222 we are pr quiet hour 410

Quiet Hour: Helping Visitors Feel Inner Peace Outside

Quiet Hour is a unique way to serve current visitors or attract new ones by helping them enjoy the stress-relief benefits of being quietly present in natural settings.

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1222 we are pr creating barrier free websites 410

Creating Barrier-Free Websites

Just like our parks and open spaces, our websites should be places that are welcoming, engaging, easy to navigate, well-maintained and allow for a wide range of activities.

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1222 we are pr announcing the newly accredited and reaccredited capra agencies 410 2

Announcing the Newly Accredited and Reaccredited CAPRA Agencies

NRPA and the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA) are proud to announce the accreditation of 11 agencies and the reaccreditation of 26 agencies.

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1222 we are pr member benefit 410

Member Benefit: How Will Using ePACT Impact My Recreation Organization?

Learn how ePACT supports park and recreation agencies in the collection and management of information.

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1222 research 410

2022 Park Pulse Poll Highlights

Park Pulse results highlight the wide variety of programming, offerings and amenities that make up parks and recreation.

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1222 park pulse 410

Celebrate With Parks and Recreation

Nearly three in four U.S. adults plan to attend a holiday-themed event in their communities this year.

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1222 advocacy 410

Taking Advantage of the American Rescue Plan

The American Rescue Plan comprises a $1.9 trillion package that provides funding for vaccine rollouts, improved testing capabilities and overall economic recovery for state and local governments.

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1222 health wellness 410

Healthy Communities as an Equitable Investment

Today, there are a lot of equity-enhancing resources available for parks and recreation.

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1222 equity 410

Making Tennis More Inclusive

In 2019, the United States Tennis Association (USTA) integrated its wheelchair operations into all of its business units, becoming the first national governing body in any sport to do so.

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1222 conservation 410

BioBlitzes and the State of Our Habitats

A BioBlitz is an event where community scientists observe and document flora and fauna in an area to capture a snapshot of a place’s biodiversity.

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1222 law review 410

Constitutionality of Filmmaking Regulations in National Parks

In the case of Price v. Garland, Plaintiff Gordon Price claimed a National Park Service permit-and-fee requirement was “facially unconstitutional under the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.”

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1222 operations 410

Wichita Takes a Twist on the Old, Making It New

In 2014, Wichita (Kansas) Parks and Recreation began work on development of an aquatics master plan to replace and upgrade pools that were built in the 1950s.

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1222 park bench 410

Olmsted Planning in Essex County

Essex County, New Jersey, contains several examples of Frederick Law Olmsted Sr.’s vision through urban parks, suburban parks and nature reservations.

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