2019 May Feature Barbara Tulipane 410 2

Barbara Tulipane: Over a Decade in Service to Parks and Recreation

After 11 years of remarkable and productive service to the association and the field, NRPA’s president & CEO leaves us with some parting thoughts.

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2019 May Feature Link Me to StLouis 410

Link Me to St. Louis!

The Chouteau Greenway project launches a community engagement strategy that emphasizes equitable economic development across St. Louis’ neighborhoods.

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2019 May Feature East River Park 410

Preserving Community While Expanding Resiliency at New York City’s East River Park

East River Park can serve as an enduring model for urban green spaces and waterfront buffers that enhance the multifaceted communities flanking them.

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2019 May Feature Parks Build Community 410

Measuring the Impact of Parks Build Community

The 2019 PBC project — ABC Park in Baltimore, Maryland — includes something new and exciting: research.

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Additional Articles

Gina Mullins Cohen 410

Telling the Park and Rec Story

Marketing and public relations are important tools to communicate the messages and impact of the diverse field of parks and recreation.

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2019 May Research Building Awareness Park Programming 410

Building Awareness and Use of Parks and Programming

Learn strategies to improve community awareness of available park and recreation amenities and programming.

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Park Pulse 410

The Top Three Factors Americans Consider Most When Registering for Recreational Team Sports

What would you take into consideration if you were registering yourself or a family member for recreational team sports in your community?

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2019 May Community Center ADA Compliance 410

Some ADA-Compliance Strategies and Enforcement Trends

Do not wait to complete an access audit and transition plan...there is no time like the present.

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2019 May Member to Member Brand Refresh for Apex Parks and Rec 410

A Brand Refresh for Apex Park and Recreation District

Learn how Apex Parks and Recreation District examined and went about redesigning its branding and communication standards.

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2019 May Member to Member Facebook Ads 410

Are Facebook Ads Worth It in 2019?

Your agency can use Facebook Ads to help grow your programs, reach new audiences and much more.

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2019 May Member to Member Branding Your Agency 410

Branding Your Agency Is Not Only About Generating Revenue

Building and executing a robust marketing and awareness strategy for your agency today can help prepare it for tomorrow’s challenges.

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2019 May Advocacy Why NRPA Jim Bradley 410

‘Why NRPA, Jim Bradley?’

Introducing NRPA’s new vice president of government affairs.

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2019 May Law Review Playground Safety Inspector 410

Certified Playground Safety Inspector Accident Review

In the featured case of K.M. v. Deer Park Union Free School District, the plaintiff alleged that the defendant school district was negligent following a playground-related injury.

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2019 May Future Leaders The Art of Zen Leadership 410

The Art of Zen Leadership

The principles of Zen leadership are deeply rooted in balance, mindfulness and a deep understanding of one’s self.

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2019 May Conservation Citizen Science Volunteers Vital to Parks 410

Citizen Science Volunteers Vital to Parks

They bring a high level of dedication, passion and eagerness to helping agencies in countless ways: they’re citizen science volunteers.

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2019 May Health and Wellness Parks and Rec Secret to Happy Life 410

Parks and Recreation: The Secret to a Long, Healthy Life?

Parks and recreation can be more intentional in its efforts to improve quality of life.

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2019 May Social Equity Multicultural Marketing 410 2

Multicultural Marketing

As the country’s demographics shift to a minority-majority status, what marketing strategies should you employ to market to your increasingly diverse communities?

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2019 May NRPA Update Arthritis Parks and Recreation 410

Improving the Lives of People with Arthritis Through Parks and Recreation

Arthritis, which has an annual healthcare cost of more than $300 billion, is one of the most common chronic diseases facing Americans.

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2019 May NRPA Update Zero to Sexy 410

Take Your Agency from ‘Zero to Sexy’

Help your elected officials recognize the importance of investing in your efforts to improve community health, conserve natural resources and build a community where everyone is welcome.

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2019 May NRPA Update CAPRA Positive Perception 410

CAPRA Accreditation – The Power of Positive Perception

Learn how being CAPRA accredited can help build a positive brand around the value of your agency.

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2019 May NRPA Update Grow Your MarComm Skills! 410

Grow Your MarComm Skills!

NRPA has designed an online Marketing and Communications Certificate for park and rec professionals tasked with delivering their agency’s messaging.

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Hot Topics 410

Connect Hot Topics

Gearing up for summer, NRPA Connect members provide tips and advice on the class guide creation process.

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2019 May NRPA Update Member Benefit ePACT 410

Why Recreation Organizations Use ePACT

Recreation departments are turning to ePACT to help manage medical and emergency information.

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2019 May NRPA Update Member Spotlight Nichole Bohner 410

Member Spotlight: Nichole Bohner

Read our interview with Nichole Bohner, the Aquatics Division manager for the city of Round Rock, Texas.

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Parks Recreation Crossword 410

Parks & Recreation Crossword: 2019, May

Test your park and recreation knowledge and download NRPA's monthly crossword puzzle!

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Calendar 410

NRPA Professional Development

NRPA Education seeks to provide content that’s relevant to you and connects you with professional networks to help you on your journey.

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2019 May Operations Cellular Connection Inside Facility 410

Fox Valley Park District Solves Poor Cellular Connection Inside Its Facilities

Learn how Fox Valley Park District resolved the lack of cellphone service in its facilities.

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2019 May Operations Synthetic Sports Fields Heat Island 410

Synthetic Sports Fields and the Heat Island Effect

During summer months, synthetic turf fields can reach dangerously high temperatures. What can be done to create safer conditions for those using these amenities?

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2019 May Park Bench Human Foosball 410

Human Foosball

Roanoke Parks and Recreation brings a classic tabletop game to life with its human foosball tournament.

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