2020 April Feature Fireflies 410

Can Parks Help Save Fireflies?

As firefly populations continually face serious threats to themselves and their habitats, many experts believe parks may be among the best ways to contribute toward firefly conservation.

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2020 April Feature Weathering the Storm 410

Weathering the Storm

Mill Creek Park, located in Youngstown, Ohio, serves as a case study for how public parks can help build climate resilient communities.

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Kristine Stratton 410

We Are Proud to Stand with Parks and Recreation

Given today’s worldwide coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, NRPA recognizes the heightened stress and anxiety over what will happen in the coming days and even months. Through all of this, we remain committed to providing you the most up-to-date information and resources available to help you through these trying times.

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Additional Articles

Jack Kardys 410

Conservation: A Small Gesture Goes a Long Way

As a key pillar, conservation is a priority for our NRPA Public Policy team, which advocates on Capitol Hill for much-needed funding for our industry to continue that work.

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2020 April We Are Parks and Rec Are You Selecting the Right Candidate 410 1

Are You Selecting the Right P&R Candidate?

When it comes time to recruit and hire someone new into your organization, there is no need to fret over the impending process. However, it may help to keep a few things in mind as you figure out who is the right fit for your P&R team.

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2020 April We Are Parks and Rec Reflecting Our Values in the Community 410

Reflecting Our Values in the Community

The American Water Charitable Foundation has partnered with NRPA for the past seven years to bring nature-based and water-play amenities to communities across the country through its Building Better Communities Grant Program.

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2020 April We Are Parks and Rec CAPRA 410

North Port's CAPRA Accreditation Journey

The Florida-based park agency shares what its team learned from the experience.

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2020 April We Are Parks and Rec Joe Frost 410

Industry Pioneer Dr. Joe Frost Passes Away on Feb. 17

The ‘Contemporary Father of Play Advocacy’ devoted his career to play and child development research.

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2020 April We Are Parks and Rec Hot Topics Rental Fees 410

NRPA Connect Hot Topics

This month, NRPA members are discussing rental fee waivers or reductions for community groups.

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2020 April We Are Parks and Rec Member Benefit NRPA Connect 410

Member Benefit: Five Tips for Using NRPA Connect

NRPA Connect is an online networking platform that makes it easy to communicate with an experienced network of nearly 65,000 peers ready to share best practices.

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2020 April Research Park Pulse Data 410

NRPA Park Pulse Data Can Enhance Your Marketing

The NRPA research team works to help park and recreation professionals on two primary goals: making optimal decisions on operations, programming and spending, and making the case for greater funding.

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Park Pulse 410

Conservation Education Starts with Parks and Recreation

More than half of park and recreation agencies nationwide implement environmental sustainability activities that foster public engagement and education.

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2020 April Finance for the Field Property Value Increase 410

How Much Impact Do Parks Have on Property Values?

An analysis of 33 studies, which measured the impact of distance from a park on the sales price of a residence, reveals six key points.

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2020 April Advocacy Outdoor Rec Legacy Partnership Program Grants 410

Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Program Grants

These grants have the power to transform underinvested local communities that currently don’t have access to local parks.

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2020 April Health and Wellness Seattle Glyphosate Alternatives 410

Seattle P&R Tests Glyphosate Alternatives

To address the potential health threat posed by glyphosate, many agencies, like Seattle P&R, are reducing or eliminating their use of glyphosate products to ensure everyone has access to safe and healthy spaces.

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2020 April Social Equity Reinvigorating the Dialogue on Conservation and Social Equity 410

Reinvigorating the Dialogue on Conservation and Social Equity

Quality communities and the ability to stay in them support the vision of social equity. This mindset recognizes that we are all part of a larger ecosystem whose components are intricately connected.

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2020 April Law Review Fired Parks Employee Claims Retaliation in Violation of ADA 410

Fired Parks Employee Claims Retaliation in Violation of ADA

The federal district court hands down its decision on the case of Mullen v. Northampton Township.

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2020 April Operations Effective Solutions to Trail Maintenance Obstacles 410

Effective Solutions to Trail Maintenance Obstacles

City of Renton, Washington, discusses challenges with trail maintenance and methods for tackling them head on.

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2020 April Operations Light Pollution 410

Illuminating Solutions to Light Pollution

Addressing the role that sports lighting plays in light pollution, the International Dark-Sky Association has developed criteria for community-friendly outdoor sports lighting.

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Parks Recreation Crossword 410

Parks & Recreation Crossword: 2020, April

Test your park and recreation knowledge and download NRPA's monthly crossword puzzle!

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2020 April Park Bench Branching Out 410

Branching Out

In Burlington, Vermont, the city’s Parks, Recreation and Waterfront department staff works year-round to increase the number of trees and the benefits they provide for the city’s residents.

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