2020 October Glenn Harris Advocate Racial Equity Social Justice 410

Glenn Harris: An Advocate for Racial Equity and Social Justice

The president of the new Race Forward and publisher of Colorlines addresses the opportunity for park and recreation professionals to advance equitable practices in their communities.

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2020 October Feature Designing a Safe Green Schoolyard 410

Designing a Safe, Green Schoolyard

In a community that has faced systemic racism, economic collapse and stark health disparities, the creation of a green schoolyard at a local elementary school represents a step toward a healther, more equitable future.

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2020 October Feature COVID19 and Changing Face of Youth Sports 410

COVID-19 and the Changing Face of Youth Sports

Learn how park and recreation professionals are emerging as key leaders in ensuring a more fair, just and inclusive model for youth sports leagues, especially during COVID-19 response and recovery.

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2020 October Feature Tennis Is Driving Success 410

Tennis Is Driving Success

Three cities discuss how they have reconstructed, renovated and realigned their tennis facilities to achieve maximum impact and elevate community involvement through the sport.

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2020 October NRPA Virtual Grand Avenue Park 410

Grand Avenue Park: The Heart of the Community for Nearly a Century

This year's NRPA Parks Build Community project includes updates to the Grand Avenue Park facilities alongside the renovations to the recreation center to create a revitalized, vibrant neighborhood park for the local community.

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Conference teaser education 410x410

Education Highlights

With more than 60 sessions and 12 education tracks being offered at the 2020 NRPA Annual Conference: A Virtual Experience, you are guaranteed to learn something new and leave inspired.

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2020 October NRPA Virtual Programming 410

Virtual Programming

Check out a few of the exciting virtual programs that will be available for attendees during the 2020 NRPA Annual Conference: A Virtual Experience.

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Conference teaser faq 410x410

Answering Your Questions About the 2020 NRPA Annual Conference: A Virtual Experience

Here are answers to some of the questions you may have regarding the 2020 NRPA Annual Conference: A Virtual Experience.

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Additional Articles

Jack Kardys 410

Embracing Future Opportunities

NRPA Board Chair Jack Kardys reflects on his time as chair of the board and discusses the future opportunities he sees for NRPA and the field of parks and recreation.

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Vi Paynich 410

NRPA Rolls Out the Virtual Red Carpet

In this special 2020 NRPA Annual Conference issue, you'll find details about NRPA Virtual - from fun, interactive virtual events to engaging keynote speakers.

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2020 October We Are Parks and Rec Welcoming NRPA Board of Directors 410

Welcoming the 2020-2021 NRPA Board of Directors

This year, we are excited to welcome five new members to the 2020-2021 NRPA Board of Directors.

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2020 October We Are Parks and Rec PBC Wins National Award 410

NRPA Parks Build Community Project Wins National Award

Urban Land Institute has announced that Trojan Park in Wellston, Missouri, the 2016 NRPA Parks Build Community project, has been awarded its 2020 Urban Open Space Award.

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2020 October We Are Parks and Rec Daniel Dustin Pugsley Award 410

Daniel L. Dustin, Ph.D., to Receive 2020 Pugsley Award

On October 20, 2020, Daniel L. Dustin, Ph.D., will be awarded the prestigious Cornelius Armory Pugsley Medal from the American Academy for Park and Recreation Administration.

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2020 October We Are Parks and Rec Autumn Saxton Ross 410

Autumn Saxton-Ross Joins NRPA as Vice President of Education and Chief Equity Officer

Several years ago, Autumn Saxton-Ross fell in love with parks and recreation. Now all her passions and experiences are intersecting as she takes on the new role of NRPA vice president of education and chief equity officer.

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2020 October We Are Parks and Rec Arts and Culture 410

Arts and Culture in Parks and Recreation

Johnson County (Kansas) Park and Recreation District's art exhibitions program aims to celebrate the diversity and rich culture of the county and create thought-provoking exhibitions that encourage a new perspective of Johnson County's place within the global community.

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2020 October Connect Hot Topics 410

Connect Hot Topics

An NRPA member asks the community to share ideas about hosting traditional holiday events during a pandemic.

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2020 October We Are Parks and Rec Member Benefit NRPA Sponsored Insurance Programs 410

Member Benefit: NRPA-Sponsored Insurance Programs for Members

During these uncertain times, it is important to make sure you are keeping your department and employees safe and covered.

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2020 October Research As Park and Recreation Funding Falls Demand Grows 410

As Park and Recreation Funding Falls, Demand Grows

Even as local government revenues continue to fall, the demand for their services rises in response to both the pandemic and the recession.

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2020 October Park Pulse Public Support Dedicated Park Recreation Funding 410

Public Support for Dedicated Park and Recreation Funding Is Strong

Two-thirds of U.S. adults want their local government to dedicate funds through revenues, taxes and levies that directly support parks and recreation.

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2020 October Finance Capturing Proximate Premiums Excess Acquisition 410

Capturing Proximate Premiums by Excess Acquisition

In the current environment of a major economic recession and subsequent large decreases in local government funds for parks, the principle of "value capture" to pay for the construction and/or operation of parks is worth revisiting.

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2020 October Advocacy Ballot Initiatives Dedicated Park Funding 410

Ballot Initiatives for Dedicated Park Funding Exhibit Resilience During COVID-19

While the full scope of the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic remain to be seen, the ongoing occurrence of local voter ballot initiatives for dedicated park funding provides a potential bright spot for the future of the field.

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2020 October Health and Wellness Virtual Programming 410

Virtual Programming: Innovation in the Midst of a Global Crisis

Local park and recreation staff have risen to the challenge to support communities through virtual programming to let them know that parks and recreation is still a go-to resource for staying healthy, happy and connected.

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2020 October Equity Painting the Way to Equitable Built Environment 410

Painting the Way to an Equitable Built Environment Through Public Art

For the city of Perris, California, public art was one of the missing elements in developing equitable opportunities to support a built environment that boosts economic vitality and celebrates the diverse culture in the city.

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2020 October Conservation Empowering Nonprofits Switch to Solar 410

Empowering Nonprofits' Switch to Solar

A Sun Club sustainability grant provided to the Frick Environmental Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, helped the center to reduce its environmental impact while promoting sustainability in the community.

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2020 October Law Review COVID19 Emergency Orders 410

COVID-19 Emergency Orders Restricted 'Individual Liberties'

In this month's Law Review, a number of plaintiffs bring a lawsuit in federal district court to enjoin an emergency order issued by the Governor of Maryland, defendant Larry Hogan, to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

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2020 October Operations Raise Your Voice Healthier Safer Swimming 410

Raise Your Voice for Healthier and Safer Swimming

As park and recreation professionals, you have valuable insight to contribute about how to make aquatics healthier and safer for everyone.

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2020 October Park Bench Simple and Invaluable Public Engagement 410

Simple and Invaluable Public Engagement

Learn how Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services and Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation are engaging the public on one of the largest urban stream restoration projects in the state of North Carolina.

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Parks Recreation Crossword 410

Parks & Recreation Crossword: 2020, October

Test your park and recreation knowledge and download NRPA's monthly crossword puzzle!

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