2019 January Feature Trends 410

Top Trends in Parks and Recreation for 2019

NRPA’s analysis and fearless predictions for what will be the most significant trends in parks and recreation is now entering its fourth year.

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2019 January Feature Addressing Homelessness in Parks 410

Addressing Homelessness in Public Parks

To better understand the complexity of homelessness within public parks, we conducted a series of interviews and came to realize a need for public education is paramount.

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Additional Articles

Barbara Tulipane 410

Let’s Make Parks and Recreation a Top Trending Topic

Let's make parks and recreation a top trending topic. If it is, our world will be a better place with more opportunities for large-scale beneficial changes.

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Gina Mullins Cohen Standing Pond 410

Empathy Requires Understanding

In this issue we examine the balance park managers must strike between addressing the health and safety concerns associated with homelessness and remaining empathetic to their predicament.

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2019 January Research Time to Gauge Your Performance 410

Time to Gauge Your Performance

Make sure your agency has entered and updated its data in NRPA Park Metrics, the most comprehensive source of data standards and insights for park and recreation agencies.

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Park Pulse 410

Park Pulse: Parks Play a Vital Role in Saving Pollinators

Americans agree communities should make special efforts to create designated areas to support pollinators, however, they are less confident knowing what actions to take.

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2019 January Community Center The ULI Case for Open Space Report 410

The ULI Case for Open Space Report

ULI recently released a report that highlights the business case for real estate professionals to incorporate parks and open spaces into development projects.

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2019 January Member to Member Connecting the Generations 410

Connecting the Generations

A few years back, the staff of Lincoln Park noticed a unique opportunity to try to connect the generations with multigenerational programming.

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2019 January Advocacy Federal Money 410

Federal Money: Funding for Park and Recreation Projects of all Sizes

Review highlights from a few departments of various sizes and some of the federal money they have received for park and recreation projects.

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2019 January Law Review City Restricted Park Food Sharing with Homeless 410

City Restricted Park Food Sharing with Homeless

A nonprofit organization, alleged a city of Fort Lauderdale ordinance and a related park rule violated the First Amendment.

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2019 January Conservation Recreation and Resilience 410

Recreation and Resilience

NRPA staff recently visited NYC Parks to learn how it is dealing with climate change impacts and to gather ideas for building climate resilient parks.

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2019 January Health and Wellness Fostering Healthier Communities by Creating Soccer Play Spaces 410

Fostering Healthier Communities by Creating Soccer Play Spaces

Transforming small, underutilized areas into mini-soccer pitches, the U.S. Soccer Foundation is serving communities that lack large open spaces and funding to build full-sized fields.

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2019 January Social Equity Breaking Ground in Baltimore for Parks Build Community 2019 410

Breaking Ground in Baltimore for Parks Build Community 2019

President of Friends of ABC Park, the new Parks Build Community project, discusses what keeps him motivated to volunteer every day after 17 years.

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2019 January NRPA Update Remembering Ernest Burkeen 410

Remembering Ernest W. Burkeen, Jr.

Ernest W. Burkeen, Jr. passed away in December. When we reached out to gather anecdotes from those who knew him well, the accolades began pouring in.

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2019 January NRPA Update American Heart Month 410

Get Ready for February — American Heart Month

NRPA is pleased to promote heart health by joining with the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute National Institute (NHLBI) to promote American Heart Month this February.

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2019 January NRPA Update A Governor with Roots in Parks and Rec 410

A Governor with Roots in Parks and Recreation

Laura Kelly, who served as executive director of the Kansas Recreation and Park Association (KRPA), is the new governor of Kansas.

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Hot Topics 410

Connect Hot Topics

See what people are talking about this month.

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2019 January NRPA Update Member Benefit Background Screening 410

Member Benefit - Background Screening: An Opportunity, Not an Obligation

Background screening can be complicated, but it’s an important part of your safety plan.

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2019 January NRPA Update Member Spotlight Karla Kelley 410

Member Spotlight: Karla Kelley, CPRE

Karla Kelley serves as the regional manager for DC Department of Parks and Recreation. Find out what makes her job rewarding and her wish for the new year.

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Calendar 410

NRPA Professional Development

Professional Development Opportunities

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2019 January Operation 10 Top Fitness Trends 410

10 Top Fitness Trends in the New Year

How can park and recreation departments keep community members engaged and on the path to a healthier lifestyle? Consider these new fitness programming trends.

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2019 January Park Bench A Labor of Love 410

A Labor of Love

Following a fire in 2016, Leo Hennessy, trails coordinator for Idaho State Parks and Recreation, delayed retirement to see the system of yurts restored.

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Parks Recreation Crossword 410

Parks & Recreation Crossword: 2019, January

Test your park and recreation knowledge and download NRPA's monthly crossword puzzle!

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