august 2022 feature unity park 410

Unity Park

A park in Greenville, South Carolina, incorporates history to foster community.

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august 2022 feature homelessness how can I help 410

Homelessness: How Can I Help?

Data provides new perspectives on park and recreation departments' role in addressing homelessness.

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august 2022 feature building nature 410

Building Nature

The Inspire Trail and Nature Kids Discovery Zone bring nature into the play experience.

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Additional Articles

Carolyn McKnight Fredd 410

From Small Town to Big City: Serving All

NRPA Chair Carolyn F. McKnight-Fredd encourages us to consider how the spaces and activities parks and recreation offer allow us to "see each other in our full humanity."

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Vi Paynich 410

Real Equity Means Learning From Our Past

If we want to make a real difference in our work, we must learn from our past in order to create a more equitable future for our communities.

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august 2022 we are parks and recreation play in the time of covid 19 410

Play in the Time of COVID-19

Using a framework is one way to think through many alternatives when making ethically challenging decisions about access to public spaces.

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august 2022 we are parks and recreation remembering david barth 410

Remembering David Barth: Park and Recreation Thought Leader

An expert facilitator and strategic planner, Barth developed park and recreation system master plans for many communities.

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august 2022 we are parks and recreation member benefit join an nrpa network 410

Member Benefit: Join an NRPA Network

Networks deliver enhanced opportunities for collaborative discussions and the chance to speak with professionals across the country.

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august 2022 research delving further into the economic impact of local parks 410

Delving Further Into the Economic Impact of Local Parks

NRPA's The Economic Impact of Local Parks report emphasizes how parks and recreation drive significant economic activity in communities across the nation.

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august 2022 park pulse parks and recreation is a funding priority 410

Parks and Recreation Is a Funding Priority

More than three in five U.S. adults are likely to vote for a political candidate who makes park and recreation funding a key priority.

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august 2022 advocacy hosting a summer site visit 410

Hosting a Summer Site Visit

Showing your congressional representatives the immense value your programs have can engender more support, and thus, funding for local park priorities in the future.

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august 2022 health and wellness it takes a village 410

It Takes a Village

Learn how park and recreation agencies can emphasize mental well-being.

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august 2022 equity operationalizing equity oaklands town camp 410

Operationalizing Equity: Oakland's Town Camp

J. Nicholas Williams Sr. had two priorities as director of Oakland Parks, Recreation and Youth Development: neutralize disparities and laser focus on Oakland youth.

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august 2022 conservation centering community in building equitable and resilient parks 410

Centering Community in Building Equitable and Resilient Parks

Ensuring our parks benefit everyone is essential to guaranteeing resilient, healthy and equitable communities.

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august 2022 law review recreational use immunity for dangerous sledding hill 410

Recreational Use Immunity for Dangerous Sledding Hill

In the case of Storm v. City of Brookings, the Defendant City of Brookings, South Dakota, raised the state recreational use statute as a defense against negligence liability.

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august 2022 operations barriers to trail implementation 410

Barriers to Trail Implementation

Learn how to identify and overcome barriers to your trail project.

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august 2022 park bench creating a bikeable vibrant redding 410

Creating a Bikeable, Vibrant Redding

Redding, California, is committed to expanding its trail system, so that more families can access eco- friendly, beautiful and safe transportation options.

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