0724 feature a stage for all 410

A Stage for All

Explore how the City of Corvallis, Oregon, is fostering belonging through community theater.

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0724 feature shredding the divide 410

Shredding the Divide

Discover how Montgomery Parks’ skate park initiative is cultivating inclusive communities.

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0724 conference dan buettner 410

Dan Buettner to Inspire Health and Happiness at the 2024 NRPA Annual Conference

Dan Buettner, author, explorer and founder of Blue Zones®, will deliver the keynote address at the 2024 NRPA Annual Conference.

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0724 conference equity in practice 410

Equity in Practice at the 2024 NRPA Annual Conference

Explore 2024 NRPA Annual Conference sessions that support NRPA's Equity in Practice program.

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0724 conference seven degrees to healthy communities 410

Seven Degrees to Healthy Communities

Learn how park and recreation professionals are supporting the seven dimensions of well-being.

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0724 conference get certified today 410

Conference Is Coming — Get Certified Today

The NRPA Annual Conference provides individuals the opportunity to achieve Continuing Education Units by participating in education sessions.

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Additional Articles

kristine stratton 410(2)

Creating a Culture of Belonging

Discover how park and recreation professionals are cultivating a sense of belonging among community members.

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0724 we are parks recreation beyond the desk 410

Beyond the Desk

The park and recreation director for Gilbert, Arizona, discusses the importance of leading actively and getting out in the field.

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0724 we are parks recreation embracing inclusivity and community 410

Embracing Inclusivity and Community in Parks and Recreation

Park and recreation departments have historically run into a large issue — how to make their spaces inclusive and accessible for everyone so that all community members can partake in rest and recuperation.

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0724 we are parks recreation nrpa membership is where you belong 410

NRPA Membership Is Where You Belong

Become an NRPA Member to access the following benefits.

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0724 research 410

Parks and Recreation Supports Older Adults

Learn about the facilities, services, outreach, programming and challenges found when providing accessible and affordable evidence-based programs and safe, inclusive environments to aging adults.

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0724 park pulse 410

Unwind With Parks and Recreation

Local park and recreation agencies are top providers of spaces and programming where people can enjoy their favorite activities, connect with people and nature, and destress.

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0724 advocacy 410

Time Outside Promotes Mental Well-Being

Discover how Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick is advocating for increased access to the outdoors to promote mental health and well-being for all.

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0724 health and wellness 410

Universally Accessible Treehouse Fosters Connections

Learn about Burlington Parks and Recreation’s universally accessible treehouse, the first of its kind in a Massachusetts public park.

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0724 conference equity in practice 410

What I Learned Using American Sign Language as Equity Training

Discover how American Sign Language classes foster inclusion and serve as equity training among park staff.

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0724 conservation 410

Stewarding Distinctive Spaces in Crystal Lake, Illinois

Illinois’ Crystal Lake Park District demonstrates how park and recreation professionals can manage unique community spaces.

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0724 law review 410

Park Dedication Fee Proportional to Development?

The case of Puce v. City of Burnsville considered whether the imposition of a park dedication fee was consistent with state law and U.S. Supreme Court precedent.

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0724 operations hop skip play creating accessible play value 410

Hop, Skip, Play: Creating Accessible Play Value at Splash Pads

Learn about the importance of positive experiences around water and the thought that goes into designing welcoming play spaces.

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0724 operations healthy communities parks and splash pads 410

Healthy Communities, Parks and Splash Pads

As demographics, health and inclusion concerns evolve, aging facilities and new projects must step up to keep communities engaged and active.

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0724 park bench 410

Showing Up to Summer Camp

A fitness and wellness supervisor emphasizes the importance of being present while remembering the magic of summer camps.

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