0624 feature mental health 410

Mental Health and Parks and Recreation

Discover five actionable steps park and recreation agencies can take to support their staff.

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0624 feature from gen alpha to the greatest generation 410

From Gen Alpha to the Greatest Generation

Learn how to foster intergenerational connection as the antidote for social isolation.

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0624 feature family health and fitness day 410

Family Health & Fitness Day

Explore how park and recreation agencies can bring families together for health and wellness.

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Additional Articles

jesus aguirre 410

Healthy Professionals, Healthy Communities

Discover how park and recreation professionals can promote well-being among their workforce and communities.

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Vi Paynich 410

The Need for Human Interaction Transcends Age

Explore the importance of social connection at every age.

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0624 we are pr exploring the pearl family story 410

Exploring the Pearl Family Story

Michael Pearl, fifth-generation farmer, regularly attends the Overland Park Farmers’ Market in Overland Park, Kansas.

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0624 we are pr girls sports flourish 410

Girls’ Sports Flourish in Washington, D.C.

At the District of Columbia Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), they knew that to grow girls’ sports opportunities, they had to make connections that would drive participation.

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0624 we are pr changing the game 410

Changing the Game

NRPA is joining forces with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) to celebrate the vital role of parks and recreation and tennis in promoting health and wellness in communities nationwide.

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0624 we are pr member benefit 410

Member Benefit: Bchex and NRPA

By providing the tools to conduct thorough and efficient background screenings, Bchex offers the peace of mind that comes with knowing your volunteers and employees are vetted.

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0624 research 410

Investing in Health Through Parks and Recreation

Using nationwide data, two research studies tested the relationship between county-level spending on park and recreation operations and specific health outcomes.

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0624 park pulse 410

Parks and Recreation Cultivates Connections Among Youth

Each month, through a poll of 1,000 U.S. residents focused on park and recreation issues, NRPA Park Pulse helps tell the park and recreation story.

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0624 advocacy 410

Engagement in a New Form

Learn more about Arnold Randall, the new chair of NRPA's advocacy committee.

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0624 equity 410

Creating LGBTQ+ Inclusive Intersectional Mentoring Spaces

Learn how we can create supportive environments for all through LGBTQ+ inclusive mentoring.

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0624 conservation 410

Resilience After Destruction

Discover how community members in Louisville, Kentucky, have been restoring Cherokee Park following a devastating 1974 tornado.

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0624 law review 410

Youth Sports Concussion Awareness Policy Violation

In the case of Walton v. Premier Soccer Club, Inc., the parents of Sydney Walton alleged the negligence of Defendants had caused their daughter to sustain a traumatic brain injury.

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0624 operations investing in shade 410

Investing in Shade

As we head into the summer months, parkgoers need shade to find respite from ultraviolet (UV) rays while enjoying the outdoors.

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0624 operations enhancing soil education 410

Enhancing Soil Education

Each soil has unique properties for soil health and plant growth that contribute to a healthy plant or tree.

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0624 operations reshaping recreation to meet modern demands 410

Reshaping Recreation to Meet Modern Demands

During the past decade, recreation facility design has evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of the end users.

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0624 park bench 410

Lights, Fun and Community in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Darkness couldn’t hold a candle to the vibrant energy at the Glen Ellyn (Illinois) Park District’s third annual 2K Glow Run/Walk on Saturday, April 20.

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