2020 December Feature Supporting Biodiversity Pollinators and Sustainable Habitat 410

Supporting Biodiversity’s Building Blocks: Pollinators and Sustainable Habitat

Learn how the Columbus (Ohio) Recreation and Parks’ Whetstone prairie project became the key to unlocking community support for their parks and building new partnerships.

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2020 December Feature Biodiversity Lays Pathway to Good Health 410

Biodiversity Lays the Pathway to Good Health

Can a pandemic become the tipping point for connecting urban greening and biodiversity with human health?

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2020 December Feature Heritage Interpretation Enriches Park Experience 410

Heritage Interpretation Enriches the Park Experience

Understand how park professionals can deploy thematic interpretation techniques to achieve their health and wellness, equity, and conservation park goals.

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Additional Articles

2020 December Perspectives My Perspective on Special Events Mike Kelly 410

My Perspective on Special Events

Parks play an incredible role in hosting special events, producing special events and, most importantly, generating revenue for local municipalities.

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Vi Paynich 410

A Year of Resilience

As the pandemic catapulted the country into an economic crisis and park agencies were forced to cut their operations budgets, park and recreation staff showed their resilience by staying the course.

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2020 December We Are Parks and Rec 10 Lessons from 10 Years 410

10 Lessons from 10 Years

A seasoned park and recreation leader reveals the 10 lessons she has gleaned from the past 10 years working in the field.

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2020 December We Are Parks and Rec Speak at 2021 NRPA Annual Conference 410

Speak at the 2021 NRPA Annual Conference

Share your park and recreation perspective and experiences by speaking at the 2021 NRPA Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, September 21–23, 2021.

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2020 December We Are Parks and Rec Member Benefit NRPA Career Center 410

Member Benefit: NRPA’s Career Center

Here are four reasons why employers should be using the NRPA Career Center.

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2020 December Reserach Looking at Barriers to Youth Sports 410

Looking at the Barriers to Youth Sports

In July 2020, the NRPA Research team asked park and recreation leaders about the current state of youth sports programming at their agencies. Here are some of the results. Park Pulse

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2020 December Park Pulse 410x410

Take Action with Parks and Recreation to Help Your Community

New data shows what actions U.S. adults would consider taking actions to help their local community.

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2020 December Finance for the Field Joint Provision Partnerships with Schools 410

Joint Provision Partnerships with Schools

Why are joint provisions a superior alternative to joint-use agreements?

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2020 December Advocacy Benefits of the Outdoors Shouldave an Expiration Date 410

Benefits of the Outdoors Shouldn’t Have an Expiration Date

Learn why the Every Kid Outdoors pass should be extended.

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2020 December Health and Wellness Remembering Self Care When Planning Events 410

Remembering Self-Care When Planning Events

Here are a few self-reflection questions and conversation starters for you and your team to explore during the holiday season.

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2020 December Equity More Parks Longer Lives 410

More Parks, Longer Lives

Recent data from the Los Angeles, California, region provides insights for park agencies across the country.

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2020 December Conservation Inspiration A Class for Older Adults 410

Conservation Inspiration: A Class for Older Adults to Engage in Action

Small groups of older adults are likely to engage in personal action if they believe others in the group would do what is needed to protect the environment.

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2020 December Law Review Premises Liability for a Fall at Ice Rink 410

Premises Liability for a Fall at an Ice Rink

A plaintiff alleges she sustained serious injuries as a result of a fall at an ice rink and files a lawsuit against the defendants who manage and operate the facility.

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2020 December Operations Avoiding the Smell of Failure 410

Avoiding the Smell of Failure

Leading aquatic facilities have found a solution that has eliminated and prevented “pool” odor and its “nose blinding” effect.

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2020 December Park Bench US Navy Bands 410

U.S. Navy Bands: A National Treasure

The Navy Music Program offers a wide variety of entertainment options for your event, ranging from large ceremonial bands to smaller ensembles.

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Parks & Recreation Crossword: December 2020

Test your park and recreation knowledge and download NRPA's monthly crossword puzzle!

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