1023 feature keynote verna myers 410

Vernā Myers Gets Candid

Learn how this respected expert helps organizations break down barriers to diversity, equity and inclusion.

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1023 feature professional development 410

The Professional Development Roadmap in Parks and Recreation

Explore how the roadmap helps guide professionals and affirm their professional “why.”

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1023 feature data 410

Data: What Can It Mean for Your Agency?

Discover how data can help you tell your agency’s story.

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1023 conference member booth 410

Welcome to the 2023 NRPA Annual Conference Member Booth

Explore the NRPA Member Booth at the 2023 NRPA Annual Conference!

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1023 conference mobile app 410

Download the NRPA Conference App!

Use the app to get the most out of the 2023 NRPA Annual Conference.

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1023 conference local host committee 410

Meet the 2023 NRPA Annual Conference Local Host Committee

The 2023 NRPA Annual Conference Local Host Committee is excited to welcome you to Dallas!

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1023 conference exhibit hall 410

Elevating Your Exhibit Hall Experience

Find tips on navigating the exhibit hall at the 2023 NRPA Annual Conference.

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1023 conference faqs 410

2023 NRPA Annual Conference Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about the 2023 NRPA Annual Conference.

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Additional Articles

Carolyn McKnight Fredd 2023 410

Looking Toward the Future of Parks and Recreation

Discover how parks and recreation drives impactful, transformative and equitable solutions to help communities thrive today and in the future.

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Vi Paynich 410

Shared Knowledge Helps Us to Be Our Best Selves

Discover how exchanging knowledge with our peers helps us build strong communities.

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1023 we are pr equity in practice 410

Equity in Practice

Hear from professionals in the field of parks and recreation about the importance of seeking equity and enacting it in their life and work.

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1023 we are pr innovation 410

Inspiring Innovation in Your Organization

Learn how to inspire innovation in your organization with "The Three P's."

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1023 we are pr member benefit 410

Are You Taking Advantage of Your NRPA Member Benefits?

NRPA offers exclusive education opportunities and special discounts.

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1023 research 410

U.S. Adults Place High Value on Parks and Recreation

Explore this in-depth look at research showing the significance of parks in the daily lives of people living the United States.

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1023 park pulse 410

People Want Parks and Recreation Close to Home

Research shows support for the need for parks and recreation close to home.

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1023 advocacy 410

Investing in Parks for All

Discover how the Outdoors for All Act increases investment in green spaces in under-resourced communities.

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1023 health wellness 410

Explore the Seven Dimensions of Well-Being at the NRPA Annual Conference

Learn how park and recreation professionals advance health and wellness through Community Wellness Hubs.

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1023 equity 410

Telling My Transgender Story

Explore Karen Kendra Holmes’ story and learn about her efforts to advocate for the transgender community before attending her session at the 2023 NRPA Annual Conference.

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1023 conservation 410

Advancing Equity and Conservation Through Environmental Education

Explore how technology, art, sports and play offer unique ways to help children build a positive connection to nature and the environment.

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1023 law review 410

Historical Tradition of Firearm Regulation in Public Parks

The U.S. Supreme Court held a New York statute requiring a showing of a special need to obtain a license to carry firearms was unconstitutional in the case of New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen.

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1023 operations 410

Expanding Equitable Shoreline Access

Read about the exciting developments in the city of Evanston, Illinois with regards to expanding equitable shoreline access.

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1023 park bench 410

Community Takes Root in the City of Raytown, Missouri

Learn how Arbor Day brought the community of Raytown, Missouri together.

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