2020 March Feature St Louis A Path Toward Equitable Design 410

St. Louis: A Path Toward Equitable Design

In Part 2 of this ongoing series, explore how Chouteau Greenway’s new Framework Plan offers a blueprint for social equity and economic prosperity for residents of St. Louis, Missouri.

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2020 March Feature Designing with Community in Mind 410

Designing with Community in Mind

Learn how the Recreation and Park Commission for the Parish of East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Sasaki, a design firm, are flipping the script on the master planning process through the reimagining of Greenwood Park and the Baton Rouge Zoo.

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2020 March Feature Making Corporate Partnerships Work 410

Making Corporate Partnerships Work

Park professionals share how you can build and leverage successful corporate partnerships for your park agency.

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Additional Articles

Kristine Stratton 410

A Vision for Equity in Park Design

NRPA remains committed to raising awareness about the importance of equitable design in parks and providing the tools and resources to help our members achieve community-centered park planning objectives.

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Gina Mullins Cohen Standing Pond 410

Putting People into Park Design

Public parks serve as the ultimate equalizer by welcoming people — regardless of culture, race, age, abilities or income level — to recreate, experience and learn.

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2020 March We Are Parks and Recreation Keeping the Hearth Glowing 410

Keeping the Hearth of Parks and Recreation Glowing Through Mentorship

Learn how relationships sustain connection and support professional development.

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2020 March We Are Parks and Recreation Directors School 410

Directors School - Definitely Worth It

Directors School gives you the space and time needed to embrace the next steps of your park and recreation journey.

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2020 March We Are Parks and Recreation Harry Hal Haskell 410

Remembering Harry 'Hal' G. Haskell Jr.

Dedicated park and recreation professional passes away on January 16, 2020, at age of 98.

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2020 March We Are Parks and Recreation Member Benefit Summer Camp Safety Solutions 410

Member Benefit: Summer Camp Safety Solutions

NRPA member discount programs can help you safely prepare for your camps and save you money.

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2020 March Research The New NRPA Evaluation Resource Hub 410

The New NRPA Evaluation Resource Hub

The hub prioritizes easy-to-implement strategies and tactics that you can apply quickly and effortlessly in your community.

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Park Pulse 410

Parks and Recreation: A Powerful Economic Driver in Communities Nationwide

Ninety-four percent of U.S. adults want their local government to make infrastructure investments that promote economic activity in their community.

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Finance for the Field 410

Designing Parks to Enhance a Community's Tax Base

Conventional belief states that parks are a costly investment from which a community receives no measurable financial return. However, this perspective overlooks the enhanced property taxes stemming from increased increments of value at properties located close to parks.

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2020 March Advocacy Understanding Congress Appropriations Process 410

Understanding Congress' Appropriations Process

The NRPA public policy team is here to help ensure that you are up-to-date on the appropriations process and have the tools you need to get involved and be successful in influencing the process.

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2020 March Health and Wellness Designing Quality Play Spaces 410

Designing Quality Play Spaces

Find out how active play can lead to positive health outcomes for children.

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2020 March Conservation Transforming Urban Infrastructure in Lakeland Florida 410

Transforming Urban Infrastructure in Lakeland, Florida

Sasaki design firm looks at how to use conservation as a main driver of form and function, all while achieving the goals of restoring the environment, reestablishing habitat and, ultimately, connecting people to nature.

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2020 March Social Equity Who Can Access the Greenway 410

Who Can Access the Greenway?

Researchers examine whether neighborhoods with different demographic and socioeconomic statuses have equal access to greenways.

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2020 March Law Review City Lifeguard Videotaped Women in Changing Room 410

City Lifeguard Videotaped Women in Staff Changing Room

A state appeals court case determines whether the defendant, City of Bellingham, Washington, was responsible for an employee using his cellphone to videotape female employees in an aquatic center changing room.

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2020 March Operations 10th NRPA PBC Project Begins 410

The 10th NRPA Parks Build Community Project Begins

Learn more about the significant renovations in store for Orlando’s Grand Avenue Park.

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2020 March Park Bench Grannys Got Game 410

Granny's Got Game!

The Granny Basketball League is played true to traditional 1920s-era basketball rules, philosophy and culture — and designed to ensure the safety of older players while still fostering a competitive, team-based setting.

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Parks Recreation Crossword 410

Parks & Recreation Crossword: 2020, March

Test your park and recreation knowledge and download NRPA's monthly crossword puzzle!

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