NRPA Product Spotlight video seriesWhen you see a playground feature that looks like it came to life from the pages of a children’s storybook, do you ever wonder what could have inspired such a unique design?

NRPA was curious too, so we decided to interview some of the people behind the latest park and recreation products to get insight into the inspiration behind the designs.

Our new Product Spotlight video series tells the story behind the design and development of some of the newest playground features, fitness equipment, software, maintenance equipment and more. These interviews go beyond the basic features and dive into what makes these products unique.

NRPA is paid to cover these products. The earnings from the Product Spotlights contribute to our editorial practice and fund our ability to support the parks and recreation field.

Vermont Systems, Inc.

Product Spotlight 2019 Vermont Systems Inc

In this Product Spotlight, we chatted with Vermont Systems, Inc. (VSI) to learn how their RecTrac software is innovating recreation management. Watch the interview to learn how RecTrac got started more than 30 years ago and continues to provide innovative solutions.

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Greenfields Outdoor Fitness

Product Spotlight 2019 Greenfields

NRPA spoke to Sam Mendelsohn, President and CEO of Greenfields Outdoor Fitness, to learn how their equipment can help make fitness and exercise more inclusive.

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