Product Spotlight: Greenfields Outdoor FitnessNRPA’s Product Spotlights explore the inspiration behind the latest park and recreation products and services. NRPA is paid to cover these products. The earnings from the Product Spotlights contribute to our editorial practice and fund our ability to support the parks and recreation field.


Our new Product Spotlight video series tells the story behind the design and development of some of the newest playground features, fitness equipment, software, maintenance equipment and more. These interviews go beyond the basic features and dive into what makes these products unique.

In the latest interview, we spoke to Sam Mendelsohn, Greenfields’ President and CEO, to learn how their equipment can help make fitness and exercise more inclusive.

Local parks provide a safe place for people of all abilities and socioeconomic status to access healthy activities. Greenfields’ equipment enables users to work against their own body mass and can be used by almost anyone, regardless of ability or fitness level.

According Mendelsohn, “the idea is to design and build multigenerational units that are inclusive in nature and provide a social element, as well.”

By allowing multiple people to exercise together, the outdoor gym equipment creates a unique environment for communities to get healthy. “When [people] go in with their friends and neighbors, they spend more time in a park and exercise. By doing so we improve their health and overall wellness,” says Mendelsohn.

To learn more about what inspired the design of the Greenfields equipment and how it is making parks more inclusive, watch the Product Spotlight video below: