Pledge to Commit to Health at your park and recreation sites and join the 1,750 sites already creating healthier environments for kids and families in their communities through out-of-school time programs.

We want to end 2018 strong, so the first 100 sites that register between November 29 and December 31 will receive a $25 Amazon gift card and the next 50 sites to register will receive a $10 Amazon gift card.

Sites must register between November 29, 2018 and December 31, 2018 to be eligible. Agencies are encouraged to register as many sites as they like, but only the first 5 sites you enter will be eligible for gift cards (up to $125).


Q. What do you mean when you say site, or what’s a site vs. an agency?

A. Your agency as a whole is most likely made up of sites – different park and recreation facilities or properties. Each of those individual sites can have their own Commit to Health pledge, under the parent umbrella of your agency. The more sites you register, the bigger your impact in your community (and the more gift cards you get!).

Q. What am I signing up for?

A. When you make a pledge to Commit to Health, you are essentially committing to work on improving access to physical activity and healthy foods. Most importantly, you make a difference in your community and join the national movement to create healthier out-of-school time programs. Commit to Health sites work towards the implementation of the evidence-based Healthy Eating and Physical Activity standards at their sites, creating healthier environments and programs that support positive health and wellness outcomes for youth! Learn more here.

Learn more about parks and recreation as community wellness hubs. 

Q. What if I’m not one of the first 150?

A. Even if you don’t receive a gift card, your pledge still matters. Not only are you making a difference in the lives of the children in your programs, but being a Commit to Health registered sites makes you eligible to receive grant funding through NRPA. With numerous grant opportunities each year, we want you to receive funding to make your facilities and programs the best they can be. Learn more about our grant opportunities here, and be sure to watch for announcements about upcoming opportunities.

Q. How do I register my sites on the Healthier Generation website to be eligible for the contest?


  1. Visit
  2. Complete the first page of questions (indicating who is completing the Assessment) and click NEXT.
  3. Select your site, using the search function to search by name. We suggest you search by keyword to account for abbreviations in your site name. If you do not see your site, select My site is not listed and click NEXT
    • Complete the site intake form questionnaire. Please do not use abbreviations when listing the site name or list them in addition to the full name of your site. Be sure to select "Parks and Recreation" as your affiliation. When you hit submit, this will send a request to our Member Engagement and Support Team to add your site to the database. You will also receive an email that your request was received. They will verify your site information and complete your request. You will receive an email confirmation that your site has been added when this process has been completed. Please allow at least 10 business days for a response once you submit a request. Thank you for your patience.
    • Your gift card eligibility will be based on the date you submitted your request, not when you receive a confirmation that your site has been added.

  4. Complete Assessment questions with a 1-3 scale. Questions will be identical in language to the NAA HEPA Standards 2.0 and click NEXT PAGE.
  5. There are 5 main sections of questions grouped together. All sections must be completed at once, users cannot save and come back later to finish. If sites do not feel prepared to answer all questions, please direct them to use the paper Assessment to gather responses from their team and then revisit the website to upload and hit SUBMIT.
  6. Once complete, users will receive a confirmation email with a personalized link to access their site’s Assessment results. This link will remain the same, even if you update your Assessment in the future. You can share this link with anyone who would need to have access to the Assessment. Users can update their completed Assessment using the link in that confirmation email. Each site will only be able to baseline once, so there is no fear of multiple people completing conflicting baseline Assessments. If a staff member leaves or is no longer in charge of this step, our Member Engagement and Support Team can send them the link to ensure they can update the Assessment for their sites. If a user tries to complete a previously submitted Assessment, they will receive notification on their screen that the Assessment has already been completed. If they need to update the Assessment they should refer to the confirmation email, or reach out to the Member Engagement and Support Team to receive a copy of the email with the personalized link to update their Assessment.
  7. The email address used previously to create your account will be used to access resource database and training on AHG website. Users will be prompted to update their passwords with the relaunch of the new website. Please check your junk/spam folder for your reset password email. It may take a couple of hours to be received. If you have trouble logging in at any time or have an issue with a page loading, click Ctrl + F5 at the same time on your keyboard to clear your cache and/or refresh your screen. Note: Member Engagement and Support Team do not have the ability to reset your password for you and cannot see passwords. Please contact the Member Engagement and Support Team if users have any questions.

Q. When will I know if I qualify for a gift card and when will I receive it?

A. We’ll notify everyone by January 11, 2019, as to whether or not they have received a gift card. Gift cards will be sent via email.

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