Healthy Meals Served in CommunitiesIt’s one thing to have the facts on our side. But oftentimes elected and appointed officials want to know whether there are real-life stories where investments in parks are having measurable impacts on a community’s health and well-being. Below are links to success stories from your colleagues across the nation chronicling game-changing initiatives, programs and partnerships that show how recreation and park departments can be drivers of improved public health. These selections are drawn from our online library of almost 100 recreation and park success stories that reveal the many ways in which local agencies are helping improve the communities where we live, work and play.



Parks and chronic disease management

Parks and improved quality of life and mental health

Park programming and increased health benefits

Parks and healthy kids

Active transportation, parks and public health

News Stories

3.21.18Parks and Recreation Update

Tenn. parks get sustainability guidance through Go Green With Us

3.21.18Public Communication and Outreach

Colo. program looks to educate novices in outdoor recreation

3.21.18Public Communication and Outreach

Online mapping tool to help Calif. county understand, care for land