The Board and Governance

The National Recreation and Park Association is governed by a 15 to 30 member Board of Directors comprised of advocates and professionals who represent the diverse interest areas and disciplines within the parks and recreation industry. NRPA's Bylaws include details about our governance structure.

Do You Have a Question for the NRPA Board?

If you have a question for the NRPA Board of Directors, please feel free to submit your question.

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NRPA Strategic Plan

The full Board of Directors, in collaboration with NRPA staff, drives the strategic planning process. The process establishes strategic priorities to provide a clear and unified focus and direction for the work of the entire association. The strategic plan is the foundation for integrating annual budgeting, resource allocation, and staff performance planning/management processes for the association. It is also a unifying guide for the field to demonstrate the impact agencies can have on their communities.

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