NRPA Director Committees

Board members will serve on one of the five Board committees (Executive, Governance, Finance, Fund Development, and Public Policy). Committees may meet via teleconference once a month, or on an as-needed basis.

Executive Committee (elected & appointed positions)

Purpose: To act on behalf of the Board of Directors to expedite decisions between meetings of the full Board of Directors. The Executive Committee shall have all of the authority of the Board of Directors, except for those matters that are reserved to the full Board of Directors in NRPA Bylaws Article V, Section 1. The committee shall perform an annual review and report on the Chief Executive Officer’s performance. The Committee is comprised of four officer positions (Chair, Past Chair [Chair’s 1st year] or Chair-elect [Chair’s 2nd year], Secretary and Treasurer) and two at-large members, appointed by the Chair of the Board. Total number of members: 6 Board members.

Governance Committee

Purpose: To review the structure of the Board and its effectiveness in governing the association and to identify, recruit and nominate board members. The committee will also review proposed bylaw changes and assist in running the annual board self-assessment, board orientation and retreats. Number of members: 6 Board members, including the board Chair (ex-officio).

Finance Committee

Purpose: To act as the fiduciary body relating to all financial affairs of the NRPA. Included in its mission is the continued improvement of the budget process, the budget document and the audit report. Additionally, the committee shall establish appropriate investment guidelines for the Association’s funds and accounts and will monitor and evaluate the investments and procedures. Further, the committee, through staff, will prepare the annual budget of the Association for approval by the Board of Directors, receive and examine all audit reports, and report to the Board of Directors such reports. Number of Members: 5, including the Treasurer who serves as chair.

Fund Development Committee

Purpose: Helps the Board carry out its due diligence function related to assuring fiscal health through philanthropy and fund development. Partners with staff to institutionalize the philanthropic process within the Board and its individual members, assuring a donor-centered organization. Chair of the NRPA board is the Chair of the Fund Development Committee.

Public Policy Committee

Purpose: To assure national recognition of the National Association as the nation’s leading advocate for progressive public policies, legislation and investments for recreation and parks; to assure that the BOD, leadership and the general membership are informed relative to national issues that impact or influence public recreation and park systems and services; and to assure conveyance of a consistent NRPA message regarding advocacy on behalf of parks and recreation. Desired qualifications are strong personal interest in civic activities, public issues, policy development, and advocacy. Number of Members: as needed. Committee is comprised of both Directors and non-directors. All Board members serve as either member or ex-officio member.

Appointments to Committees

  • Continuing and new board members will be solicited for assignment priorities.
  • The NRPA Chair-elect will appoint chairs and members to the BOD committees prior to the NRPA Annual Conference.
  • Committee placement terms are for one year, beginning at the Conference and ending before the next Conference.
  • Members may be asked to serve more than one year on a specific committee, but to encourage inclusivity and diversity a rotating committee membership is preferred.

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