Creating a Bikeable, Vibrant Redding

July 21, 2022, Department, by Kimberly Bonéy

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Elizabeth and Tyler Cifu Shuster, avid members of the biking community in Redding, California, are raising their daughter, Story, to see the same value in biking — not only as a fun way to enjoy City of Redding’s Parks and Recreation trail system, but as a great form of transportation, too. “I love biking and I love Redding — and the two go together very well,” says Elizabeth. “I appreciate the combination of urban and natural biking destinations, the fervent bike community, and the miles of dirt and paved trails waiting to be explored and revisited. Biking opens up whole worlds here in Shasta County. Whether your world is transportation, recreation or some combination of the two, there’s a route for you.” The Shusters regularly utilize the trail system to get to work, exercise and enjoy the outdoors.

The Sacramento River Trail is the fiber that runs through the outdoor paradise that is Redding. The trails meander along the lush foliage at the river’s edge, connecting nature enthusiasts to points of interest, like mountain biking trails, Shasta Dam, Keswick Dam and Redding’s incredible local bridges. Locals and visitors alike enjoy reflective moments on the trails amidst the sounds and scenes of nature.

The Diestelhorst Bridge, constructed in 1914, was the first reinforced concrete bridge built across the Sacramento River. The bridge simultaneously serves as a part of Redding’s rich history and a link to its future. The stunning piece of architecture is the namesake for the Diestelhorst to Downtown Trail, a paved connection between the Sacramento River Trail and the businesses at the heart of Downtown Redding. The Diestelhorst to Downtown Trail opened in July 2021 to a warm reception from the community. Amidst a major growth period in Downtown Redding, the trail is a timely inspiration for community members to consider using more active modes of transportation on a regular basis.

Redding is committed to expanding its trail system, so that more families can access eco-friendly, beautiful and safe transportation options — like Tyler, Elizabeth and Story — whether they are enjoying stunning mountainscapes on a weekend or visiting the growing downtown core.

Organizations like Shasta Living Streets, the Redding Trail Alliance, the Redding Parks and Trails Foundation, and The McConnell Foundation, among others, have been at the forefront of the movement to create a more bikeable, more vibrant Redding. The upcoming Bike Depot in Downtown Redding will serve as a meeting space for those who bike, a resource for trails and biking equipment, a safe storage facility, and a place to enjoy a meal.

“Being a bike commuter at heart, I want my daughter to grow up choosing active transportation options,” says Elizabeth. “Getting active and getting outside is fundamental for my family’s health and that of the larger community. I want my daughter to know the beauty of pedaling her way through a crisp morning to get where she needs to be and the joy of hopping on a bike simply to experience the beauty of where she lives.”

Kimberly Bonéy, Copywriter, City of Redding, California.