Why Recreation Organizations Use ePACT

May 8, 2019, Department, by National Recreation and Park Association

2019 May NRPA Update Member Benefit ePACT 410

For decades, recreation organizations across North America have collected and managed participants’ medical and emergency information on paper forms. However, with growing privacy and security concerns, hundreds of recreation departments, YMCAs and camps have turned to ePACT for the following reasons:

Reduce the Need for Paper
ePACT’s cloud-based system allows recreation agencies to collect critical data from the families they serve through a single record in minutes. ePACT electronically stores and automatically archives the records within the agencies’ database, helping them meet long-term retention and licensing requirements and making it easy for staff to find records quickly and easily — perfect for audit requests or incident reporting/inquiries.

Better Access to Information
Authorized staff can use ePACT’s Mobile App to securely access records on their mobile devices, even if they don’t have a cellular or internet connection. Staff can sync records for up-to-date access in offline mode, view critical information, like emergency contacts and flagged conditions, and send general or emergency messages to families and emergency contacts.

Greater Privacy & Security
Collecting sensitive, personal data on paper poses significant risks to organizations and the families they serve. ePACT meets the same privacy and security criteria as online banks and is HIPAA-compliant to help recreation agencies protect participants’ information from unauthorized access.

Improved Family Process
ePACT saves families time too! They can use their single ePACT account to share all their required data with multiple organizations each year. With ePACT, changes to the account happen in real time, and organizations receive a notification when something, like a new cellphone or added medication, has been updated.

To learn how your recreation organization can benefit from replacing paper forms, improving participant safety and ensuring happier members, visit ePACT online or call 855.773.7228, ext. 3, and be sure to use the code, NRPAePACT, for 15 percent off your setup fee.