Member Benefit: Protect Yourself — NRPA Insurance Discount Programs through K&K Insurance

November 26, 2019, Department, by National Recreation and Park Association

2019 December NRPA Update Member Benefit Protect Yourself Insurance Discount Programs 410

NRPA offers its members risk management solutions through NRPA-sponsored insurance programs provided by K&K Insurance. Send teams and leagues utilizing your fields and facilities to and require that they supply you with a certificate of insurance. In addition to general liability coverage, the teams/leagues can purchase excess accident medical coverage for injury to participants. These programs cover most team sports, as well as coaches, volunteers, instructors and interns!

So, what type of coverage does NRPA offer?

Team Sports: This combined liability and excess accident medical coverage provides valuable protection to youth and adult sports teams for multiple risks, on and off the playing field.

Football: This combined liability and excess accident medical coverage provides protection to youth tackle-, flag- and touch-football teams.

Instructors and Interns: Important general liability protection for instructors and interns while acting within the scope of their duties granted to them by the sponsoring organization, typically a park and recreation department.

Blanket Accident: Blanket Accident insurance is typically purchased by park and recreation departments or municipalities to provide protection for participants engaged in both sponsored athletic and non-athletic recreational activities.

Equipment Property: Provides property coverage for team inventory of sports equipment. It covers all equipment owned by the insured organization while in the building specified for storage.

Directors’ and Officers’: Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance protects directors, officers, volunteers and the nonprofit sports organization itself against claims alleging mismanagement of the organization and other exposures.

Also, for those activities your agency officially sponsors, we can offer stand-alone excess accident medical coverage for the participants, a way for you to provide enhanced value and an incentive for increased participation. Not just valuable protection for you, but for your community, too!

For more information, email, visit NRPA's insurance web page or call 1-800-722-5676.