Living the Teen Dream

June 1, 2016, Department, by NRPA

If you could have lived anywhere in the United States as a teenager, where would it have been? SmartAsset recently released a study that ranks the best (and most fun) cities in the country for teens. After analyzing data, such as the number of recreational opportunities, teen unemployment rates and walking scores, the financial company ranked the 25 best cities for teens to live and thrive. Check out some key findings about the top 10:

#1 – Irvine, CA  

Highest average graduation rate: 96%

#2 – Madison, WI

Highest concentration of skate parks, disc golf courses and public beaches: 6 per 100,000 residents

#3 – Pittsburgh, PA

Ranked ninth for concentration of baseball diamonds, basketball hoops, movie theaters, bowling alleys and arcades: 4.8 per 

100,000 residents

#4 – Omaha, NE 

Ranked 10th overall for concentration of movie theaters, bowling alleys and arcades: 4.7 per 100,000 residents

#5 – Santa Ana, CA

Highest state minimum wage in the country: $10

#6 – Lexington, KY

Highest number of public outdoor basketball hoops: 72 (23 per 100,000 residents) 

#8 – San Diego, CA

Second highest number of public beaches: 26 (Chicago has 32) 

#9 – Lubbock, TX

Highest concentration of teenagers: 8.3% of population is 15-19 years old

#10 – Plano, TX 

Second highest graduation rate: 94%


Source: SmartAsset, “The Best City for Teens”