2018 November Feature Innovative Dog Parks 410

Designing and Managing Innovative Dog Parks

Off-leash dog parks are one of the fastest growing type of parks in cities across the nation. What are the characteristics of a great dog park?

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2018 November Feature Conference Wrapup 410

Getting Innovative in Indy: The 2018 NRPA Annual Conference

Over the course of four days, approximately 8,000 attendees had the opportunity to network, participate in 300+ education sessions and explore an exhibit hall showcasing the products and services of more than 450 exhibitors.

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2018 November Feature Seattle Innovation Lab 410

NRPA Talks Park Funding at Seattle Innovation Lab

At NRPA’s Seattle Innovation Lab in August the theme, “#Winning: The Art of Getting Voters to Open Their Wallets for Parks,” focused on best practices and valuable resource tools for securing dedicated park funding.

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Additional Articles

2018 November Perspectives BT Maya 410

Charting a Successful Future for Parks and Recreation

What will it take for park and recreation agencies to be successful in the future?

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2018 November Editors Letter Gina Biscuit 410

Why Parks Should Go to the Dogs

Dogs provide health benefits to their owners, so shouldn't park agencies help provide communities with parks and amenities designed especially for those canine companions?

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2018 November Research 410

Using NRPA Data to Tell Your Local P&R Story

Data can be a compelling tool to help make important decisions affecting your agency and to make the case for greater and more steady funding.

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Park Pulse 410

NRPA Park Pulse: Americans Agree Dog Parks Benefit Local Communities

As popularity grows, more agencies provide dog parks for the areas they serve.

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2018 November Community Center Dogification 410

The 'Dogification' of America's Parks

Dogs don’t have owners, they have families. People are deciding where to live, work and play based on dog-welcoming infrastructure and policies.

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2018 November Community Center Making Space for Dogs 410

Making Space in Parks for Dogs

See how one Washington D.C. community used creative thinking in the planning of a dog space, and secured a sponsor to manage the space, to turn the addition into a community asset.

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2018 November Member to Member Dog Parks 410

Dog Parks

While dog parks are certainly welcomed by dog owners, the value and benefits of these spaces extend far beyond the dog community.

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2018 November Member to Member Raleigh 410

Raleigh, North Carolina's Dog Park Study

The city of Raleigh undertook an in-depth study, and through a community needs assessment, it became clear that dog parks are an important park use with an unmet need.

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2018 November Advocacy 410

Beaches as Coastal Resilience

As our nation moves forward into an era of rising seas and extreme weather, America’s “Best Restored Beaches” are some of the nation’s best examples of community coastal resilience projects.

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2018 November Law Review 410

‘Courtesy Hours’ for Off-Leash Dogs in Public Parks

Should local government officials or the courts decide potential off-leash controversies and conflicts between dog owners and other park users?

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2018 November Conservation 410

Dogs in Parks: Managing the Waste

America’s nearly 90 million dogs produce about 11 million tons of dog waste per year.

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2018 November Health and Wellness 410

Parks and Health Equity: An Avenue to Support Health and Wellness for All

There is an opportunity to be more thoughtful about the role parks can play in promoting health equity for all.

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2018 November Social Equity 410

Not Every Community Sees Dog Parks as Essential

The desire to create more dog parks does not resonate with everyone in the United States.

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2018 November NRPA Update 10MW Anniversary 410

10-Minute Walk Campaign Marks Its First Anniversary

October 10, 2018, marked the first year of the 10-Minute Walk Campaign. See how it was celebrated in communities across the country.

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2018 November NRPA Update LWCF 410

What's Next for LWCF?

Congress did not reauthorize the LWCF before the September 29 deadline. Members of Congress need to hear from you!

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2018 November NRPA Update Join BOD 410

Consider Joining the NRPA Board of Directors

The NRPA Board of Directors is seeking individuals with experience in one or more of NRPA’s three Pillars: Health and Wellness, Conservation and Social Equity.

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2018 November NRPA Update Bill Beckner 410

Remembering William Beckner, Jr.

NRPA notes the passing this past July of a park and recreation stalwart, Bill Beckner.

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2018 November NRPA Update OST Report 410

Local Park and Recreation Agencies: Leading Providers of Out-of-School Time Programs Nationwide

NRPA released a new Out-of-School Time (OST) Report. It is a follow-up to a 2016 NRPA study that first explored OST programs.

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2018 November NRPA Update Green Infrastructure 410

Green Infrastructure Training Opportunity

NRPA and WEF are working to adapt the National Green Infrastructure Certification Program (NGICP) curriculum and scholarships are available.

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2018 November NRPA Update Dog Photo Contest 410

Dogs in Parks Photo Contest Results

Results of the Dogs in Parks photo contest.

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Hot Topics 410

Connect Hot Topics

Check out what's trending this month on NRPA Connect!

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2018 November NRPA Update Member Benefit 410

Give the Gift of Certification — at a Discount!

Learn more about the NRPA Premier Package benefits!

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2018 November NRPA Update Member Spotlight 410

Member Spotlight: Cheryl Michelet

Michelet serves as BREC’s director of communications. Learn more about her role at the agency and the importance of social media in its messaging.

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Calendar 410

NRPA Professional Development

Professional Development Opportunities

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Parks Recreation Crossword 410

Parks & Recreation Crossword: 2018, November

Test your park and recreation knowledge and download NRPA's monthly crossword puzzle!

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2018 November Operations Flu 410

Achoo...Are You Ready for the Flu?

Last year 900,000 people suffering with the flu were hospitalized. Learn what you can do to prepare for this flu season.

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2018 November Operations Pets and Disasters 410

Offering Pet Care During Disasters

When preparing for natural disasters it is important to educate residents on how best to care for pets.

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2018 November Park Bench 410

Top Dog

What should a zoo do with a lion cub that needs to be separated from his mother’s care for a couple of months while a wound heals? Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park found out.

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