2017 October Feature New Braunfels 410

Social Equity Plays Key Role in New Braunfels' New Recreation Center

New Braunfels, established by a German prince and military officer in the 1840s, might not receive the same amount of attention as larger cities in Texas, but there’s a reason it’s among the top 10 fastest-growing communities in the United States.

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2017 October Feature A Monumental Decision 410

A Monumental Decision

There are approximately 1,500 Confederate monuments and statues on battlefields, town greens, in parks and in front of courthouses.

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2017 October Feature Climate Change Changing Face of Outdoor Recreation 410

Climate Change Is Changing the Face of Outdoor Recreation

While there is much debate about the causes of atmospheric warming, what matters to us is not so much the cause, but how it affects what we do and what it means for the future.

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Additional Articles

Calendar 410

2018 Annual Conference Call for Presentations

The call for presentations for next year’s conference will be released in November 2017, and we are seeking energetic and engaging facilitators to lead impactful learning experiences focused on NRPA’s Three Pillars.

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Park Pulse 410

Americans Overwhelmingly Agree the Right to Assemble Peacefully in Public Spaces Is Important

This month's Park Pulse poll takes a closer look at Americans' views on assembling peacefully in public spaces.

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2017 October Research What Drives Public Officials Budget Priorities 410

What Drives Public Officials' Budget Priorities?

Having a better understanding of what drives public officials’ budget priorities can help arm park and recreation professionals with the tools needed to get greater and more stable funding.

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2017 October NRPAUpdate 2017 Agency Preformance Survey Now Open 410

2017 Agency Performance Survey Now Open

The 2017 Agency Performance Survey is now open to accept your NRPA Park Metrics data.

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2017 October NRPAUpdate Parks for Inclusion

Parks for Inclusion Launches During Annual Conference

Parks for Inclusion launched last month during the annual conference in New Orleans with the goal of ensuring all people have access to the benefits of local parks and recreation.

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2017 October NRPAUpdate Member Spotlight Diane Drake 410

Member Spotlight: Diane Drake

Diane Drake, assistant director of evaluation and partnership development for the Recreation and Park Commission for East Baton Rouge (BREC).

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2017 October NRPAUpdate Background Screening Methodology 410

Background Screening Methodology

Is your methodology leading the way or a best practice in attracting risk?

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Hot Topics 410

NRPA Connect Hot Topics

Find out what hot topics have been trending on NRPA Connect!

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2017 October NRPAUpdate What it Means to Serve on NRPA Board of Directors 410

What It Means to Serve on the NRPA Board of Directors

Seven new members were elected to the NRPA Board of Directors during the 2017 Annual Conference in New Orleans.

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2017 October Perspectives Leon Andrews 410

Starting My Journey as NRPA’s Chair

I look forward to the conversations we will have together and the opportunities to work collaboratively to fully maximize how we achieve the goals we have for this great organization and profession.

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2017 October Park Bench Story Stroll 410

Story Stroll

The Carson City Library in Nevada, in partnership with Carson City Parks, Recreation & Open Space, devised a unique way to promote literacy while getting children and their parents outdoors and walking in nature.

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2017 October Operations Adaptive Aquatics 410

Essential Framework for Adaptive Aquatics

Adaptive Aquatics consists of architectural and programmatic modifications to provide services for individuals with disabilities.

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2017 October Operations Geocaching 410

How to Leverage Geocaching to Promote Park and Recreation Events

This recreational, technology-enabled hobby is helping curious treasure seekers to keep the spirit of exploration alive, and what better place to explore than your own home town?

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2017 October Law Review Content Based Park Permit Decisions Unconstitutional 410

Content-Based Park Permit Decisions Unconstitutional

As illustrated by the “City of Charlottesville” and “Forsyth County” decisions described herein, demonstrations and counter-demonstrations can create challenging First Amendment concerns for public park and recreation agencies.

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2017 October Health and Wellness Health Equity 410

Health Equity: Leading Through Programs, Environmental Changes and Policies

NRPA is proud to announce that the winner of the 2017 RWJF Award for Health Equity is Patti Solano, superintendent of community services at the City of Riverside Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Department (PRCSD).

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2017 October Future Leaders Using History to Activate Neighborhood Green Space 410

Using History to Activate a Neighborhood Green Space

The Germantown neighborhood in Northwest Philadelphia combines a diverse population with historic homes and easy access to lush green space.

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Gina Mullins Cohen Standing Pond 410

Inclusion Is The Solution

Social equity serves a critical purpose: helping park and recreation agencies create a positive influence on the communities that they serve by emphasizing inclusion of all community members.

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2017 October Conservation Organic Parks 410

Organic Parks

The challenge of managing and maintaining well-manicured landscapes.

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2017 October Advocacy Park Champion of the Year Portlands Som Subedi 410

Park Champion of the Year: Portland's Som Subedi

Promoting equity and inclusion while ensuring congressional support for parks and recreation.

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Parks Recreation Crossword 410

Parks & Recreation Crossword

Test your park and recreation knowledge and download NRPA's monthly crossword puzzle!

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