2019 June Feature The Youth Vaping Epidemic 410

The Youth Vaping Epidemic

This nationwide crisis has prompted park agencies across the country to partner with their public health agencies to sound the alarm about youth vaping.

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2019 June Feature Measles The Childhood Scourge Is Back 410

Measles: The Childhood Scourge Is Back

Today, the United States is seeing the greatest number of measles cases since it was declared eradicated in 2000.

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2019 June Feature Keep America Beautiful Cigarette Litter Prevention Program 410

Keep America Beautiful® 'Cigarette Litter Prevention Program'

Take a look at how this initiative is changing littering behaviors and read a few of the success stories.

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2019 June Feature Great American Rail Trail 410

From Dream to National Treasure: The Great American Rail-Trail

The Great American Rail-Trail™ aims to create a multi-use path across the country and a legacy for generations of Americans. At more than 3,700 miles, it will be separated from roads for its entirety.

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Additional Articles

Jack Kardys 410

Park Afterschool Programs: A Vital Community Resource

NRPA’s Chair of the Board of Directors shares his thoughts on the benefits and importance of afterschool programs.

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Sonia Myrick 410

Déjà vu

In the midst of some pretty weighty issues, there are things we can and are doing to not only improve the health of our communities, but also of our environment.

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2019 June Letters to the Editor 410

Letters to the Editor

Readers’ comments on “Recycling Is Dead: Now What?" and “What Happens When Pay-to-Play Replaces Public Parks and Recreation Programs?"

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2019 June Advocacy Summer Meals Time 410

Summer (Meals) Time!

This summer, Congress is reviewing the federal programs that help NRPA members provide the food for the bodies and minds of the kids we serve.

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2019 June Law Review Gun Show in Park Rental Facility not Family Entertainment 410

Gun Show in Park Rental Facility Not 'Family Entertainment'

In the featured case, the city of Fort Lauderdale decided not to honor an auditorium reservation for a gun show, because the multipurpose rental facility is within a “family friendly” public park.

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2019 June Conservation Growing Urban Conservationists 410

Growing Urban Conservationists

City leaders are working to ensure that outdoor experiences aren’t limited only to people who own land, can travel easily or whose neighborhoods abound with nature-rich parks.

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2019 June Social Equity This Pride Month Make A Commitment to Being LGBTQ Affirming 410

This Pride Month Make a Commitment to Being LGBTQ Affirming

People who identify as LGBTQ are already coming to your facilities and even more want to, so making affirming changes will help them feel more welcomed.

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2019 June Research Farmers Markets 410

Connecting Communities Through Farmers Markets

Our most recent research study looks at the role of farmers markets hosted by park and recreation agencies in local communities.

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Park Pulse 410

Park Pulse - Does Access to Recreation Centers Enhance Communities?

Does Having Easy Access to Low-Cost/No-Cost Fitness and Educational Opportunities, such as Those at Local Recreation or Community Centers, Enhance Your Community?

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2019 June Community Center Special Olympics 410

Special Olympics — Look at Us Now

For the past 50 years, Special Olympics has provided quality sports training and competitions for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Learn how to support their vision in your community!

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2019 June Member to Member Parks and Recreation and Healthcare Partnerships 410

Parks and Recreation and Healthcare Partnerships

In many communities, parks and recreation is leading community-integrated health strategies by formally (and informally) partnering with healthcare entities to improve community health.

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2019 June Member to Member Grant Opportunities Create Possibility in Chanute Kansas 410

Grant Opportunities Create Possibility in Chanute, Kansas

Four years ago, a small but very significant grant started a chain reaction that has impacted the Chanute Recreation Commission and the town of Chanute, Kansas in exciting ways!

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2019 June NRPA Update Meet Me at the Park 410

Meet Me at the Park Brings Healthy Living to Local Communities

Adding to the success of the past two years, the 2019 program is expected to exceed NRPA and Disney’s goal of providing 1 million kids and families with greater access to play.

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2019 June NRPA Update Parks and Rec Secret Superpower 410

Parks and Recreation's Secret Superpower

Attend the 2019 NRPA Annual Conference to learn more about the idea of parks and recreation as a tonic for mental health challenges in related education sessions.

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2019 June NRPA Update Leisure tours Active Outings 410

Get Out and Explore Baltimore and DC!

During the 2019 NRPA Annual Conference, discover Baltimore’s rich history and culture through several Off-Site Institutes and Leisure Tours and Activities.

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2019 June NRPA Update Gold Medal Awards 410

The 2019 Gold Medal Awards Finalists

AAPRA, in partnership with NRPA, is pleased to announce the finalists for the 2019 National Gold Medal Awards for Excellence in Park and Recreation Management.

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2019 June NRPA Update Pre Conference Workshops 410

The Baltimore Pre-Conference Workshops

Dive into this year’s educational opportunities in Baltimore, Maryland, by attending a pre-conference workshop on Monday, September 23.

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2019 June NRPA Update Ken Smithee 410

Kenneth J. Smithee: A Life Dedicated to Parks and Recreation

Ken Smithee was not only a pioneer in the field, but he also touched the lives of many along the way.

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2019 June NRPA Update Maggie Awards 410

Parks & Recreation Against the World!

Parks & Recreation magazine was a finalist in more than a dozen categories for the 67th Annual Maggie Awards.

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2019 June NRPA Update Hot Topics Memorial Benches 410

Connect Hot Topics

Check out one of the topics being discussed this month: Memorial Park Bench Programs

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2019 June NRPA Update Member Benefit Insurance 410

Member Benefit: Check Out the NRPA-Sponsored Insurance Plans

NRPA offers its members risk management solutions through NRPA-sponsored insurance programs, provided by K&K Insurance.

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2019 June NRPA Update Member Spotlight Molly Lanphier 410

Member Spotlight: Molly Lanphier

Read our interview with Molly Lanphier, community outreach director for Anchorage Park Foundation in Alaska.

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Parks Recreation Crossword 410

Parks & Recreation Crossword: 2019, June

Test your park and recreation knowledge and download NRPA's monthly crossword puzzle!

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Calendar 410

Professional Development Calendar

NRPA Directors School, an exclusive, two-year professional development opportunity that prepares new and potential park and recreation directors to be effective leaders, will take place August 18–22.

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2019 June Operations Protect your Parks and People 410

Protect Your Parks and Your People

Local park and rec departments are now asking themselves how they would react if a mass shooting event were to occur in a public park or facility.

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2019 June Park Bench Berea Kids Eat 410

Berea Kids Eat

Berea Kids Eat, the first college-sponsored USDA Child Nutrition program, provides summer and afterschool community meal opportunities to youth ages 18 and under at dozens of community sites in Berea, Kentucky.

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