2018 July Feature Parks and Rec Month 410

Parks and Recreation: A Lifetime of Discovery

This July, we’re celebrating A Lifetime of Discovery, and we want to explore all the amazing programs and services your local park and recreation centers offer.

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2018 July Feature Detroit 410

Detroit's Rebirth

How community activists, nonprofits, crowdfunding partners, and state and city park and recreation agencies are reinvigorating their city.

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2018 July Feature 10MW 410

10-Minute Walk Campaign: Celebrating Mayors and Cities Leading the Way

Read updates from the first 12 cities to participate in technical assistance for the 10-Minute Walk campaign and see why nearly 200 mayors have signed on to improving park access and quality in their cities.

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2018 July Feature Riverside Park 410

Bringing Riverside Regional Park into the 21st Century

In November 2017, Indy Parks and Recreation completed a master plan for Riverside Regional Park in Indianapolis. Learn how the 20-year implementation strategy will propel the park into the future.

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Additional Articles

Barbara Tulipane 410

It’s Park and Recreation Month — Let’s Celebrate

Sometimes we get so serious about the business of parks and recreation that we forget to celebrate the many joys that parks bring to our lives.

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Gina Mullins Cohen 410

Unplug and Play

Given today’s tech-obsessed world, we often find ourselves glued to our small screens, while forgetting that there’s a whole world outside waiting to be discovered.

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2018 July Research 410

What Park Metrics Tells Us About Urban Agencies

The only way to truly understand how your park and recreation agency compares to its peers is to interact with the NRPA Park Metrics and report resources.

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Park Pulse 410

Park Pulse: Bridging Technology and Nature Connects Children to Parks

Merging tech and nature will increase children’s desire to go to parks.

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2018 July Conference Content Keynote1 410

A Conversation with Peter Kageyama

Parks & Recreation sat down with 2018 conference keynote speaker, Peter Kageyama, “an internationally sought-after community development consultant and grassroots engagement strategist” who is passionate about “bottom-up community development and the people who are making change happen.”

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2018 July Conference Content Year of Women 410

‘The Year of the Woman’

Among the sessions offered at this year’s conference, several are aimed at increasing our understanding of the role of women, past and present, in parks and recreation.

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2018 July Conference Content Exhibit Hall 410

2018 NRPA Annual Conference Exhibit Hall Highlights

The 2018 NRPA Exhibit Hall provides a spectacular display of more than 450 exhibitors that is sure to provide you with awesome ideas and solutions for all your needs.

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Barbara Tulipane 410

Leadership Changes at NRPA

NRPA president and CEO, Barbara Tulipane, CAE, recently announced her retirement. Board of Directors welcomes new chair along with three new board members.

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2018 July Member to Member Innovation Lab 410

NRPA Hosts Oklahoma City Innovation Lab

In May, NRPA convened its 10th Innovation Lab, which brought together leaders inside and outside of parks and recreation to explore how the field impacts regional economic competitiveness and quality of life.

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2018 July Advocacy 410

Keep Pressuring Congress About LWCF Reauthorization

Now is the time to learn more about the Land and Water Conservation Fund and some easy steps to ensure that this program continues.

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2018 July Law Review 410

Governmental Immunity for Park Security Policy

Absolute governmental immunity has been abolished in most jurisdictions and replaced by a state tort claims act or similar statutory framework.

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2018 July Conservation 410

Conservation Education and Recreational Opportunities in Lenexa, Kansas

Lenexa’s Rain to Recreation program was developed in 2000 and is a nationally recognized infrastructure and community education initiative. Learn about the opportunities the program presents.

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2018 July Health and Wellness 410

Pathways to Play

As the creators of park experiences, how can we better engage with children and families and encourage greater use when designing paths and trails? For the second year, NRPA and Disney issued that challenge to park and recreation agencies across the country.

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2018 July Social Equity 410

Social Equity, Parks and Gentrification

There is a concern that park investments can lead to displacement of existing residents by attracting new, wealthier residents and increasing property values, a process called gentrification.

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2018 July NRPA Update Innovation and Spotlight Awards 410

Congratulations! to the 2018 Innovation and Spotlight Awards Recipients

New this year, the NRPA Innovation Awards recognize park and recreation agencies nationwide that have improved and empowered their communities through innovative practices in park design, health and wellness, conservation and social equity.

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2018 July NRPA Update Parks for Pollinators4 410

Parks for Pollinators

In June, NRPA held the #Parks4Pollinators Photo contest.

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2018 July NRPA Update Remembrance Doby 410

The Passing of Two Trailblazers in Parks and Recreation

NRPA celebrates the lives of two trailblazers in the parks and recreation field.

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2018 July NRPA Update Great Urban Parks 410

$2 Million for Green Stormwater Infrastructure Projects

Applications are now being accepted for grant funding that will support green stormwater infrastructure projects in 10–12 U.S. communities.

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2018 July NRPA Update FHFD 410

Building Healthy Communities with Family Health & Fitness Day

Together, we are bringing awareness to the important role of parks and recreation in building healthy, active communities. #NRPAFamilyFitDay

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2018 July NRPA Update Park Champion Logo Round 410

August: The Best Month to Champion Your Park

On August 3, members of Congress will head home for the summer to connect with constituents for an entire month — a huge opportunity for your agency!

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2018 July NRPA Update Member Benefit US Communities 410

How to Get the Most Value for Your Park & Recreation Spend

By aggregating the purchasing power of public agencies nationwide, a government purchasing cooperative, like U.S. Communities, can help reduce costs and provide access to top-quality suppliers through competitively solicited contracts.

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2018 July NRPA Update Member Spotlight Max Madalinski 410

Member Spotlight: Max Madalinski

Madalinski didn’t anticipate a career in parks and recreation. However, an opening for an associate parks project coordinator eventually, led him to the field he is still enjoying.

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Parks Recreation Crossword 410

Parks & Recreation Crossword: 2018, July

Test your park and recreation knowledge and download NRPA's monthly crossword puzzle!

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Hot Topics 410

Hot Topics

Check out what's trending this month on NRPA Connect!

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Calendar 410

NRPA Professional Development

Professional Development Opportunities

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2018 July Operations LED Lighting 410

‘LEDucation’: Helping Municipalities Make the Switch to LED Lighting

Even though LED lights serve the same purpose as legacy lighting products, the technological advances have made old design requirements as antiquated as the metal halide fixtures.

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2018 July Operations Fluorescent Disposal 410

The EPA-Compliant Way to Dispose of Fluorescent Lamps

What is the proper way to dispose of these lamps when they have come to the end of their practical life?

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2018 July Park Bench Water Safety 410

Water Safety

With the help of essential partners, the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department is making sure its residents have the opportunity to learn how to swim.

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