2018 September Conference Indianapolis 410

Indianapolis Here We Come!

We are excited to take the NRPA Annual Conference to Indianapolis! The city is chock-full of things to do, see some of the highlights.

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2018 September Feature South Bend 410

Investing in South Bend

Why this Indiana city is spending more than $51 million to reimagine, restore and revitalize its parks and trails system.

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2018 September Feature Net Generation 410

Net Generation

Parks and recreation and school districts partnering to grow the game of tennis.

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Additional Articles

Barbara Tulipane 410

Vote for Parks!

Learn several ways to assess how much support your elected officials give to parks and recreation.

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Gina Mullins Cohen 410

Reimagining Parks and Recreation

Working together to gain an understanding of what our green spaces could look like in the near future.

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2018 September Research Salary Survey 410

Some Insights from the 2018 NRPA Park and Recreation Salary Survey

The report’s charts give park and recreation leaders the information needed to recruit and retain the best and brightest employees.

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2018 September Conference Program Committee 410

The 2018 Conference Program Committee

This committee provides an invaluable level of support for NRPA staff as they work together to recruit and select the best, most relevant education sessions.

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2018 September Conference NRPALive 410

Virtual Conference Opportunities

Check out the NRPA Annual Conference live streaming event!

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2018 September Community Center Outdoor Exploration 410

Outdoor Exploration Through Technology

Nearly half of park and recreation agencies are using technology to reconnect youth to nature.

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2018 September Member to Member Mitigate Flooding Houston 410

Restoring Native Habitat, Helping to Mitigate Flooding in Houston

This project will substantially improve the quality of life for everyone in Greater Houston by helping to mitigate the risk and impact of future floods.

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2018 September Advocacy August on Capitol Hill 410

An Atypical August on Capitol Hill

Although August in D.C. is typically quiet, we used this time to continue our direct engagement with the Hill on important issues.

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2018 September Law Review Recreational Immunity 410

Recreational Immunity — Contrasting Bicycle Opinions

Review applicable state recreational use statutes and case studies.

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2018 September Future Leaders 410

Importance of Community Engagement for Young Nonprofit Organizations

Creating a network of community relations and community engagement will promote and develop positive benefits.

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2018 September Conservation One Water 410 blue

Parks Seen as Crucial to One Water Strategies

At the annual One Water Summit, park directors joined water utility managers and hope to work collaboratively.

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2018 September Conservation Infrastructure 410

Conservation Lands as Critical Public Infrastructure

Parks and recreation agencies are best positioned to acquire and maintain critical ecological repositories.

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2018 September Health and Wellness Famers Markets 410

Farmers Markets

The opportunity to provide access to healthy, fresh and local fruits and vegetables in your community park.

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2018 September Social Equity Inclusive Places 410

Building More Inclusive, Healthy Places

The intentionality of how you plan, design and measure is critical for building more inclusive and healthy places.

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2018 September NRPA Update Smallfoot 410

Get Yeti!

This September, NRPA is partnering with SMALLFOOT, the upcoming Warner Bros. film.

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2018 September NRPA Update Heart Your Park 410

NRPA Launches ‘Heart Your Park’ Day of Service Initiative

This new initiative offers corporate employees an opportunity to volunteer in a local park.

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Hot Topics 410

NRPA Connect Hot Topics

See what's trending with members in NRPA Connect.

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2018 September NRPA Update Member Benefit 410

Member Discount Programs

NRPA members receive special discounts on products and services.

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Parks Recreation Crossword 410

Parks & Recreation Crossword: 2018, September

Test your park and recreation knowledge and download NRPA's monthly crossword puzzle!

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2018 September NRPA Update Member Spotlight 410

Member Spotlight: Nancy Winzer and Taylor Winzer

Nancy Winzer has been with the City of Port Huron Recreation Department since 1993, however, she isn’t the only person in her family. Her daughter, Taylor, also joined the agency.

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Calendar 410

NRPA Professional Development

Professional Development Opportunities

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2018 September Operations Lifeguards 410

Stress to Success for Lifeguards

Lifeguard drills based on military science

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2018 September Operations Food Trucks 410

Food Trucks: The Perfect Pairing for Parks

Food trucks aren't always an easy addition, but some agencies have found it's worth it.

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2018 September Park Bench 410

Giving Seniors a ‘Lyft’

A new idea for getting seniors where they need to go.

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