2017 June Opioid Outbreak in Parks 410

Confronting the Opioid Outbreak in Our Parks

Communities take action on a growing public health issue and strive to help addicts seeking recovery.

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2017 June Feature ClimateChange 410

Climate Change, Parks and Health

How must park and rec agencies rethink the was they do things to meet the challenges of climate change?

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Additional Articles

2017 June NRPAUpdate Ann Conklin 410

Introducing the Health and Wellness Advisory Panel’s Newest Members

NRPA's Health and Wellness Advisory Panel is excited to welcome two new members.

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2017 June NRPAUpdate Meet Me at the Park 410

Play Spaces Grant Program

NRPA is excited to expand the Meet Me at the Park program and provide additional communities with increased access to play spaces in local parks.

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2017 June NRPAUpdate Youth Ambassador Program 410

Member Spotlight: Commit to Health Youth Ambassadors

NRPA and the Target Corporation, through a new Commit to Health Youth Ambassadors initiative, are engaging youth as health and wellness leaders in their communities.

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2017 June NRPAUpdate EasierThanEverToGetInvolved 410

It’s Easier Than Ever to Get Involved with NRPA

The perks of volunteering are numerous — résumé building, network growth, getting that “feel-good” feeling. NRPA has made volunteering even easier (and more fun) with its new volunteer platform.

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Hot Topics 410

Hot Topics

Find out what hot topics have been trending on NRPA Connect!

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2017 June NRPAUpdate MoreHealthAndWellnessSessions 410

More Health and Wellness Sessions Offered at Conference This Year

2017 NRPA Annual Conference attendees will have the opportunity to choose from more than 50 education sessions supporting our Health & Wellness Pillar.

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2017 June Operations DigitalImposter 410

The Digital Imposter

In the latest twist on identity theft, hackers are clandestinely taking over business websites and billing customers who come to those sites.

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2017 June Operations RecreationalWaterDisinfection 410

Recreational Water Disinfection

Steps to ensure aquatics facilities are clean and safe and to avoid recreational water illness outbreaks.

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2017 June CommunityCenter Zika

How to Keep Citizens Informed About the Threat of Zika in Your Community

Increase communitywide understanding of the Zika virus, its sources, risks, symptoms and treatments with a comprehensive, year-round communication plan.

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2017 June SocialEquity PromotingLGBTInclustion 410

Promoting LGBT Inclusion and Awareness in Programs and Facilities

Cultivating the affirming inclusive approach to park and recreation policies and practices.

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2017 June Conservation CommunityGarden 410

Creating a Sustainable Community Garden

'Growing food, but also growing community' on a formerly vacant lot in Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, New York.

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2017 June LawReview CriminalBackgroundChecks 410

Criminal Background Checks for Youth Sport Coaches

Do youth sports organizations have a legal duty to conduct criminal background checks of all adults who would have contact with children involved in their programs?

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2017 June Advocacy FederalBudgetCutsThreaten 410

Federal Budget Cuts Threaten Educational Funding

As the budget debate continues this summer, educating members of Congress on the use of these funds locally will be critical.

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Gina Mullins Cohen 410

Think Healthy Across the Board

Don’t forget to promote the importance of good health and wellness while offering fun summer programs and activities.

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2017 June Research ParksAndRecMeetingCommunityFitnessNeeds 410

Parks and Recreation: Meeting Community Fitness Needs at All Levels

Providing quality facilities and services is not the only way park and recreation agencies improve the health of their community...

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Park Pulse 410

Millions of Americans Touched by Food Insecurity

This month's Park Pulse poll takes a closer look at how many Americans experienced food insecurity over the past year.

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Barbara Tulipane 410

Activate Your Parks and Your People

Encourage communities to push back on elected officials who continue to argue that park budgets are an easy cut.

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2017 June ParkBench NomadicNourishment 410

Nomadic Nourishment in NorCal

Every month, Northern California foodies are drawn to Folsom City Lions Park for the Food Truck Safari.

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Calendar 410

2017 NRPA Directors School August 27-September 1

NRPA is dedicated to providing learning opportunities to advance the development of best practices and resources that make parks and recreation indispensable elements of American communities.

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Parks Recreation Crossword 410

Parks & Recreation Crossword

Test your park and recreation knowledge and download NRPA's monthly crossword puzzle!

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Conference blog teaser

NRPA Conference Behind the Scenes: Building the Education Schedule

As a member of the NRPA Conference Program Committee, the team of NRPA members who review the conference education session proposals, I invite you for a behind the scenes look at the remarkable process that results in an amazing product.

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