2018 May Feature Leadership 410

Leadership Is More Than a Noun

Explore the difference between Transactional Leadership and Transformational Leadership.

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2018 May Feature AtlantaVision 410

A New Vision for Atlanta

The Atlanta Department of Parks and Recreation provides insight on how community partners can work together to transform the city and the lives of its residents, one park at a time.

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Additional Articles

Barbara Tulipane 410

Parks Really Do Build Community

Recreation centers are so important, even essential, to local communities. To see "community" in action on a recent visit was truly remarkable.

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Gina Mullins Cohen Standing Pond 410

Leadership Through Encouragement

Many leaders make sacrifices and work hard to reach their goals, but they also acknowledge that they cannot be truly effective if they fail to teach, nurture and motivate their staffers to achieve their own success.

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2018 May Research FMRs 410

NRPA Facility Market Reports

An NRPA Facility Market Report (FMR) can give your agency answers about surrounding population, resident demographics and potential reach.

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Park Pulse 410

NRPA Park Pulse

Children’s Access to Community Gardens Important

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2018 May CommunityCenter CommunityParticipation 410

Is Community Participation Enough for Park Planning?

Community participation in park planning is all the rage: it’s in our legislation, our policies and our thoughts as a cornerstone to modern park management. But is it enough?

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2018 May MembertoMember PBC LearningThroughPlay 410

Developing and Expanding Learning Through Play

Experts agree play is a crucial component for a healthy childhood, yet in many places play based learning is on the decline, but not at SUPER School 19.

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2018 May Advocacy KidstoParksDay 410

Invite Your Members of Congress to Kids to Parks Day

May 19, 2018 is “National Kids to Parks Day,” an annual initiative organized by the National Park Trust (NPT) to connect kids of all ages to parks. Join the fun!

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2018 May Law Review ConfederateParkMonuments 410

Standing to Challenge Removal of Confederate Park Monuments

Removal of Confederate monuments and statutes from parks and public spaces has generated much public debate and controversy.

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2018 May FutureLeaders Mentoring 410

Mentoring: Invaluable to Success

Mentorship it is a relationship in which a professional inspires a mentee to explore new ideas, take risks and never stop learning.

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2018 May Conservation BatsofMecklenburgCo 410

The Bats of Mecklenburg County

Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation monitors bat populations in its urban park/nature preserve system.

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2018 May HealthandWellness Physicall Activity Street Closures 410

Promoting Physical Activity with Temporary Street Closures

The concept of “Play Streets” has emerged as a way to promote outdoor play and physical activity for children in neighborhoods without access to safe, well-maintained parks and playgrounds.

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2018 May SocialEquity WiFiinParks 410

Bridging the Digital Divide — Free Wi-Fi in Parks

Since public parks typically are free and easily accessible, they represent a great means of bridging the digital divide.

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2018 May NRPA Update Family Health and Fitness Day 410

Get Ready for #NRPAFamilyFitDay 2018

Family Health & Fitness Day, held on June 9, promotes the importance of parks and recreation in keeping communities healthy.

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2018 May NRPA Update ConferenceJustification 410

Persuade Your Boss, Like a Boss

How to justify your trip to the 2018 NRPA Annual Conference

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2018 May NRPA Update NavigatingLeadershipLearning 410

Navigating the Leadership Learning Track

More than 30 education session at this year's conference will be devoted to cover the latest in leadership principles that will take you and your agency to the next level.

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2018 May NRPA Update DirectorsSchool 410

2018 NRPA Directors School

The 2018 NRPA Directors School will feature an updated curriculum and will be held at a new location — the beautiful Hyatt Lodge in Oak Brook, Illinois.

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2018 May NRPA Update STEMFestival 410

NRPA Exhibits at STEM Festival

Children design their own parks at the USA Science and Engineering Festival held at the Washington, DC Convention Center.

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2018 May NRPA Update MemberBenefit 410

Recommended Guidelines for Credentialing Volunteers

NRPA partnered with the Background Investigation Bureau (BIB) to help park and recreation agencies screen better.

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2018 May NRPA Update Member Spotlight Todd Johnson 410

Member Spotlight: Todd Johnson

Manager, Golf Enterprises, at Fairfax County Park Authority in Fairfax, Virginia.

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Parks Recreation Crossword 410

Parks & Recreation Crossword: 2018, May

Test your park and recreation knowledge and download NRPA's monthly crossword puzzle!

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Calendar 410

NRPA Professional Development

Professional Development Opportunities

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2018 May Operations Skateparks 410

Skateboarding Popularity Is Growing – Get Ahead of the Curve

Skateboarding will make its debut at the 2020 Summer Olympic Games and interest is likely to grow. Is your agency ready?

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2018 May Operations Turf 410

Cutting-Edge Innovations to Improve Mower Safety

Safety is always top of mind, not only for workers, but also for the manufacturers of mowing equipment.

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2018 May Operations Solar 410

A Solar Lighting System for Layritz Park

In the past decade, improvements in LED technology, as well as in panel efficiency, have allowed solar lighting to be more effective.

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2018 May ParkBench TrailMarkers 410

Life-Saving Trail Markers

Being able to communicate your exact whereabouts on a trail can be critical, should an emergency arise.

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