2018 August Feature Park Walk 410

'Park-Walk': A Vertical, Park-Growth Vision

Imagine a city growing new public parks as it grows upwards with each new skyscraper with rooftop parks connected by park bridges. The result would be “Park-Walk”: an interwoven network of public parks connected with bridges and High Line-type walkways.

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2018 August Feature Breaking Bubbles 410

‘Breaking the Bubbles’ to Create Play-Centered Parks

How inclusive design, multifunctional features, and the added value of healthier communities are several trends pushing the design of public spaces in new directions.

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Additional Articles

Leon T Andrews 410

Our Core Values: Being Bold and Courageous

I am very hopeful that park and recreation departments across the country can exceed expectations - step up, show up and speak up!

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Sonia Myrick 410

Designing a Better Future

Learn about two approaches to creating welcoming, functional and fun green spaces and give some solace about the push for high-density development.

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2018 August Research Stacation 410

Parks & Rec: The Vacation & Staycation Solution

Parks and recreation is an important part of many vacation agendas.

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2018 August Conference Keynote2 SaulPaul 410

A Conversation with SaulPaul

A ‘Musician with a Message’ and second 2018 NRPA Annual Conference keynote speaker.

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2018 August Conference Hacks 410

Five NRPA Conference Hacks from the Insiders

Tips from an experienced insider can make all the difference.

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2018 August Conference Directors Corner 410

Directors’ Corner

See a sampling of some of the Directors' Corner education sessions to be offered at conference.

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2018 August Conference Education on the Go 410

Education on the Go

Get a glimpse of some pre-conference workshops, off-site institutes and mobile workshops available during conference.

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2018 August Conference Special Events 410

Special Events

At the NRPA Annual Conference, there will be sessions as well as opportunities to interact with peers and have fun.

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2018 August Community Center 410

Ready to Respond Versus React

What crisis response policies and practices do you currently have in place that allow you to respond versus react?

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2018 August Member to Member 410

Rainbow Beach Aquatic Center

A unique renovation allows Vincennes, Indiana, to continue to enjoy its 80-year-old pool.

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2018 August Advocacy 410

August Congressional Recess

The opportune time for advocating for parks and recreation.

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2018 August Law Review 410

Common Lake Organism Fatal to Park Visitor

Examine the terms negligence liability and foreseeability as they relate to cases involving lake organisms and park visitors.

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2018 August Conservation 410

How to Prevent Ticks and Still Enjoy the Outdoors

Ticks are out there, but you can avoid them by taking precautions and being aware.

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2018 August Health and Wellness 410

Engaging Children in the Park Planning Process

Given that children are key park users we must be creative in how we engage them in the planning process.

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2018 August Social Equity 410

California’s Prop 68

A primer for infusing diversity and equity into public policy.

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2018 August NRPA Update Summer Camp on the Hill 410

NRPA’s 2nd Annual Summer Camp on Capitol Hill

Members of Congress rediscover their love for summer camp.

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2018 August NRPA Update NRPA Store 410

The NRPA Store

Providing you with the tools to help you expand your knowledge and stay current in the field.

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2018 August NRPA Update National Public Lands Day 410

September 22 Marks the 25th Annual National Public Lands Day

Make plans to join NEEF for the 25th annual National Public Lands Day.

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Hot Topics 410

NRPA Connect Hot Topics

See what's trending with members in NRPA Connect.

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2018 August NRPA Update Member Benefit Career Center 410

Visit the Career Center at the NRPA Annual Conference

See what you can do at the NRPA Career Center booth at conference.

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Parks Recreation Crossword 410

Parks & Recreation Crossword: 2018, August

Test your park and recreation knowledge and download NRPA's monthly crossword puzzle!

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2018 August NRPA Update Member Spotlight 410

Member Spotlight: Patricia Polzin, CPRP

Parks & Recreation magazine recently spoke with Polzin, executive director of Crete Park District in Illinois.

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Calendar 410

NRPA Professional Development

Professional Development Opportunities

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2018 August Operations Therapeutic Recreation 410

Therapeutic Recreation and Inclusion Programs in Your Community

Understand the fundamentals of successfully implementing a therapeutic recreation program.

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2018 August Operations Hackathon 410

Applying Technology to Real-Life Challenges

Cleveland Metroparks held its inaugural hackathon.

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2018 August Operations Health Coaching 410

Health Coaching: The New Kid on the Block

Hiring well-qualified health coaches can help empower people for positive, long-term, healthy change.

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2018 August Park Bench 410


One agency begins a new program to recognize employees everyday during Park and Rec Month.

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