Gardening is a great way to educate youth and families about where healthy food comes from.  Each month, explore a different gardening topic with educational resources and hands on experiences with growing, cooking, and eating healthy produce and creating sustainable gardening systems.  The curriculum includes both community-based gardening resources and resources for children and families to start their own garden at home!  Get growing today!

Gardening Topics

Each month provides activities and resources on a different topic area related to community and home gardening.  Enjoy exploring things like farmers markets, winter gardening, starting seedlings, picking your own fruits and vegetables, preserving your harvest and more!  



January Maintaining Winter Gardens
February Spring into Fresh Fruits & Veggies and Reduce Your Grocery Bills
March Starting Seedlings for Spring
April National Garden Month
May How Does My Garden Grow?
June Farmers Markets
July Planting a Fall Garden & Preserving the Summer Harvest
August End of Summer Garden Party
September Extending Your Garden
October Fall Harvest Celebration
November Holiday Meals & Celebrations
December Winter Gardening


Gardening Facilitator's Guide

Explore the Commit to Health: Foods of the Month & Community and Home Gardening Facilitator's Guide to gain a better understanding of how to implement the curriculum into your out-of-school time programs.  The Facilitator's Guide will walk you through each of the materials included in the curriculum and provides best practices for implementation.

Download The Facilitator's Guide

Gardening Tips

Gardening tip sheets on specific topic areas will be developed throughout the year.  Topics include creating community outdoor gardening projects, home-based gardening projects and child-focused activities for indoor gardening.

Seasonal Posters

Posters will be available for each season (summer, fall, winter, spring) throughout the year to help encourage gardening in your community.

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