Lesson Plan Guide

Use the monthly lesson plan guide to implement the Commit to Health: Community and Home Gardening curriculum.  The lesson plan guide is divided into suggested activities that incorporate the experiential activities, coloring and activity sheets, and newsletters provided. Two age-appropriate lesson plan guides are available for each month.

Community and Home Gardening Newsletters

One newsletter is available each month--Maintaining and Expanding Indoor Gardens is this month!

Coloring and Activity Sheets

Children will enjoy exploring and learning about expanding winter gardening with coloring and activity pages this month.

Experiential Activities

A variety of fun, experiential activities can be conducted through gardening.  Activities encourage constant learning and link back to the core subjects.

News Stories

9.24.20Top Story

State parks face revenue and budget pressures

9.24.20Around the Country

Lee Richardson Zoo in Kan. completes 4 additions


Pandemic spurs support for preservation at Houston parks