AFO LogoPlease use the information provided in the AFO Marketing Toolkit to maximize the attendance at your upcoming AFO course and exam. These materials were created for your use in advertising and creating awareness of the opportunity to become AFO certified. The title of each toolkit item serves as your link to the actual document, which can be downloaded and customized for your needs. Be sure to update the toolkit materials with your specific site information prior to distribution. Good luck!


Please feel free to post the AFO ad at your facility or print and send the ad to any interested parties (Park and Recreation Departments, YMCAs, Boys and Girls Clubs, etc.).

AFO Banner

This electronic banner can be placed on your Web site, in enewsletters, and in blast emails with a link to the full information on the benefits of AFO certification and instructions on how to sign up.

Sample Letter

The letter can be sent to any potential course participants to encourage participation in the program.

Sample Media Advisory

Tailor the media advisory to your event. Include the date and time of your course, the location and participant information, and provide a media spokesperson to increase media exposure.

Sample Press Release

Highlight the specifics of your program in the easily customizable press release, which should be sent to all of your local media outlets.


News Stories