Your Top Park and Rec Stories of 2016

By Catrina Belt | Posted on December 28, 2016


From international hot topics like Pokémon Go, Zika, the Summer Olympics and Brexit to national news like the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, the Pulse nightclub massacre, the Black Lives Matter movement and the 2016 Presidential Election, 2016 had no shortage of major headlines. As we reflect back on the up and downs of the year, it is important to remember the hard work parks and recreation does each day to ensure safe places for communities to play, live and learn together. Through droughts, fires, floods and many other tragedies, it is our local parks and recreation that continue to support and serve our communities to the fullest.

Before we head into the new year, let’s look back on the stories that mattered the most to you. Here are the top stories from the field in 2016. 

In Parks & Recreation magazine, articles about the Zika virus were the most popular. The top three articles this year were: 

  1. Zika and Parks: What You Need to Know
  2. 12 Steps to Sponsorship Success
  3. The Great Drama of Great Park

On NRPA Connect, park and recreation professionals showed the most interest in these topics from the year: 

  1. Registration Software
  2. Daddy Daughter Dance
  3. Park and Recreation Programs for People with Disabilities

On social media, posts about Park and Recreation Month, NRPA’s report “American’s Broad-Based Support of Local Recreation and Park Services” and the 2016 election had the best engagement.


On Open Space, your top read blogs include stories about the top predictions for 2016 and Pokémon Go (possibly the biggest trend in our field all year):

  1. Top 5 Park and Rec Predictions for 2016
  2. Harnessing the Pokémon Go Phenomenon
  3. Overtime Rule Delayed Indefinitely

As we reflect on 2016, we thank you for the amazing things we accomplished together this year! We are excited to see what 2017 holds for parks and recreation. Happy New Year!


Catrina Belt is NRPA’s Marketing and Communications Coordinator.