The NRPA Business Council brings representatives from companies together to explore, share and deploy solutions that improve parks and recreation. The council fosters networking and collaboration that strengthens relationships between park and recreation professionals and their business sector allies. This leads to greater innovation, quicker response to new challenges and greater efficiencies for essential service providers in the field.

Local park and recreation agencies generated more than $218 billion in U.S. economic activity and supported 1.3 million jobs from their operations and capital spending in 2019. Most critically, park and recreation amenities are the cornerstones to improving a region’s quality of life, a significant factor in enticing employers and workers to an area. The powerful impact parks and recreation has on economic activity highlights how park and recreation agency offerings are not merely “nice to have” services, but also sources for transforming our cities, towns and counties into vibrant and prosperous communities for all.


The NRPA Business Council is focused on advancing park and recreation solutions in four key areas:

  • Relationship Building

    Foster trust, understanding, shared problem-solving and solution-building between the field of parks and recreation and the business sector.

  • Advocacy

    Create relationships between NRPA and business allies to promote and coordinate advocacy on behalf of parks and recreation.

  • Innovation

    Create an opportunity for park and recreation professionals and their business allies to share information that promotes innovation and advances for businesses, NRPA and the field of parks and recreation.

  • Research

    Promote research and innovation among the park and recreation profession.

Benefits of Membership

Thought Leadership and Engagement

  • Annual meeting and networking with the NRPA Board of Directors
  • Participation in events attended by park and recreation leaders
  • One-on-one call with NRPA CEO or executive leadership
  • Input on NRPA Business Council program priorities
  • Dissemination of NRPA Business Council ideas and plans through Parks & Recreation magazine and education session at the NRPA Annual Conference

Branding Opportunities


Membership and Governance

Member Profile

The NRPA Business Council is composed of representatives from businesses and allies who care deeply about parks and recreation. Members are strategic thinkers, collaborative decision-makers and thought leaders. Members represent organizations that have a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and support the advancement of DEI in park and recreation programs, policies and practices.

Terms of Service

Members serve for three-, four-, or five-year terms.

Member Contributions

Participation in the NRPA Business Council is voluntary and contributions from members help cover the costs of advancing the goals of the council. Contributions are based on the number of company employees located in the United States.

For more information, see the current Business Council brochure and Business Council member role description.


Current Members

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