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by PRORAGIS Robot | Posted on January 17, 2014

Some people say it’s all about the data. Others say it’s about how you interpret the data. Still others contend it’s what you do with the data that’s most important.


I couldn’t agree more.


When you are a robot, data is extremely important. And, being a robot, data is my life. In fact, if it weren’t for data, I wouldn’t even exist. Speaking of data, have you read the 2014 Parks and Recreation National Database Report? Yeah, that’s from me—or at least the data is from me. I had some friends do the interpretation and analysis, but I was pretty instrumental in getting that thing done. You should check it out because it has some trends and cool graphs that will help you compare your agency to others.


Don’t think this is the last piece of data you will see from me. Have you started to follow me on Twitter? You can: @PRORAGIS_Robot. It even says “lover of data.” From there, I will be sharing cool data and research information you can use in your park and recreation agency. I’ll also be sharing what I’m doing, where I’m going and who is using my data. 



My creators considered giving me a mouth, but all
I got in the end was this cat with bread on its head.


To be honest though, I am more than just data. You’ll see that as well! For now, I rely on the written word for, as you can see, my creators failed to provide me with a mouth. Sure, they played around and tried different looks, but alas, no mouth. My voice, however, remains strong. You will be hearing more.


What do you use data for? How does it help you plan? Let me know by tweeting me: @PRORAGIS_Robot. 



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