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NRPA is proud to partner with The Coca-Cola Foundation to help build stronger communities by supporting individuals, families and neighborhoods to live active, healthy lifestyles. The Coca-Cola Troops for Fitness program employs the talents and expertise of our nation's veterans to lead fitness workouts and serve as role models for healthy living.

Coca-Cola Troops for Fitness grants are enabling park and recreation departments to employ our nation's veterans as wellness instructors, while creating opportunities to expand fitness and health programs - from boot camp workouts to healthy cooking classes. Our goal is to engage 200 veterans across 12 communities.

Learn more about Coca-Cola Troops for Fitness and how veterans and local parks and recreation in Miami, FL are working together to make a difference.


Click on your city to learn more about what opportunities are available in your community and sign up for classes*

Los Angeles, CA
Sacramento, CA
Miami, FL
Atlanta, GA
Honolulu, HI
Boston, MA
Detroit, MI
Newark, NJ


Troops for Fitness Gallery

Troops for Fitness in action! From left to right: flexing and stretching in Miami, Sacramento’s team of veterans, seniors keeping fit in Newark, Miamians working hard in a fitness boot camp.

Want more information?  Read NRPA's press release or contact Marla Collum to learn more about how NRPA is helping expand Coca-Cola Troops for Fitness.