Park and recreation agencies take on many responsibilities for their communities, beyond their “traditional” roles of operating parks and facilities and providing recreation programming and services. In addition to those two functions, the top responsibilities for park and recreation agencies are as follows:

Gain a greater understanding of the current state of park and recreation agencies by downloading the 2017 NRPA Agency Performance Review.

Interact with More Data

Dig deeper into the agency performance data with these interactive figures presenting detailed crosstabs of the data for every table and chart presented in the 2017 NRPA Agency Performance Review:

  • Park Facilities (parks and parks, indoor and outdoor facilities)
  • Programming (team sports, fitness, enhancement classes; programs for children, seniors, people w/ disabilities)
  • Staffing (typical FTE counts, key staff responsibilities)
  • Budget (operating expenditures amounts and purposes)
  • Agency Funding (sources of funding, cost recovery, capital spending)

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