America’s local and regional park agencies differ greatly in size and facility offerings. Whereas the typical agency participating in Park Metrics serves a jurisdiction (e.g., a town, city, county and/or region) of 40,100 people, there are agencies that serve an area of just a few hundred people while others are a primary recreation resource for millions of people. Naturally, the offerings of these agencies vary as much as do the markets they serve.

Typically there is one park for every 2,266 residents and 9.6 acres of park land for every 1,000 residents when looking at the United States as a whole. Many park and recreation agencies have staple outdoor and indoor facilities offerings to serve the members of their jurisdictions. However, these numbers may fluctuate when broken down into greater detail.

Gain a greater understanding of the current state of park and recreation agencies by downloading the 2017 NRPA Agency Performance Review.

Interact with More Data

Dig deeper into the agency performance data with these interactive figures presenting detailed crosstabs of the data for every table and chart presented in the 2017 NRPA Agency Performance Review:

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