2017 March Feature Parks Without Borders 410

Parks Without Borders

This NYC Parks initiative is making parks more accessible to their surrounding neighborhoods

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2017 March Feature Park Planning Michael Maltzan Architecture 410

Planning a Park: From Concept to Reality

Several park planners share their insights about the process of taking a park plan from an idea to a reality

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2017 March Feature Joe Turner 410

Reflections on a Career

A conversation with Joe Turner, who retires this month from being Director of the Houston Parks and Recreation Department

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Additional Articles

2017 March Health Wellness 410

Celebrating Three Years of Healthy Out-of-School Time

Commit to Health is creating a healthier generation of youth through the implementation of the Healthy Eating Physical Activity standards.

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2017 March Member to Member 410

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District shares how, by developing its own internal think tank called the Future Trends Team, it's been able to get ahead of change rather than just react to it.

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Steve Eckelberry 410

Innovation Labs: Opportunities to Share Ideas and Solutions

At NRPA's recent Innovation Lab in Los Angeles, park and recreation professionals from around the country gathered to discuss what role our industry plays in helping the homeless.

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Park Pulse 410

NRPA Park Pulse

To what extent do Americans support the protection of open space?

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2017 February Research 410

Wild and Wonderful: Making a Case for Undeveloped Open Spaces

More than four in five Americans agree that local government should set aside land to preserve the natural landscape.

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2017 March NRPA Update Member Benefit 410

It’s Background Screening Season

The Background Investigation Bureau (BIB) can help with background screenings as you recruit volunteers this season.

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Calendar 410

Introducing Our Brand New, Online Learning Portal

NRPA is dedicated to providing learning opportunities to advance the development of best practices and resources that make parks and recreation indispensable elements of American communities.

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2017 March NRPA Update Wildlife Explorers 410

Wildlife Explorers: Connecting Kids to Nature

Four agencies are the recipients of NRPA's spring Wildlife Explorers grant.

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2017 March NRPA Update Innovation Labs 410

Los Angeles Innovation Lab Tackles Homelessness

Thought leaders across multiple fields and disciplines, and individuals who themselves were once homeless, offer insights into the homeless crisis in Los Angeles.

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2017 March NRPA Update Terese Hersehy Magazine Image 410x410

Terry Hershey: ‘A Force of Nature for Nature’

Hershey, whose influence on conservation was national in scope, died January 19 on her 94th birthday.

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2017 March NRPA Update Jean Keller 410

Member Spotlight: M. Jean Keller

M. Jean Keller, professor in the Department of Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation at the University of North Texas.

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Hot Topics 410

Hot Topics

Find out what hot topics have been trending on NRPA Connect!

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Gina Mullins Cohen 410

It’s All in the Details

Attention to detail is critical to the successful planning and execution of any project.

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2017 March Letters Paul Gilbert 410

Climate Knows no Ideology

Does political ideology factor into the issue of global warming at all?

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2017 March Social Equity Currie Domino Park 410

Public Spaces and Social Equity

Some essential elements for successful small public spaces located near people, particularly in poor neighborhoods.

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2017 March Conservation rusty patched bumblebee 410

Endangered: The Rusty Patched Bumblebee

A variety of reasons have led to the decline of this native wild bumblebee, whose 30-state range has been reduced to just 14 states in disconnected populations.

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2017 March Law Review Open Carry 410

Gun Permittees Challenge Park Firearm Regulations

Who determines whether gun owning groups and individuals can legally carry firearms in parks?

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2017 March Park Bench Dinner on First 410

Who’s on First?

An innovative event hosted by the Cullman City (Alabama) Parks and Recreation helps raise fund for a city park.

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2017 March Operations Multipurpose Pools 410

Multipurpose Pools

What are some areas that require special attention when operating a multipurpose swimming pool?

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2017 March Community Center Puente Hills Landfill Park 410

The Transformation of the Puente Hills Landfill

In Los Angeles County, a former landfill is slated to become the county's first regional park in 30 years

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2017 March Advocacy ACA Blueprint 410

Elements of a Blueprint for ACA Replacement

Five elements from an old ACA reform bill that may serve as a blueprint for ACA replacement.

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Parks Recreation Crossword 410

Parks & Recreation Crossword

Test your park and recreation knowledge and download the March 2017 Parks & Recreation crossword puzzle.

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