Aquatic Facility Operator Training

NRPA’s Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO) program is an advanced, state of the art educational training program for pool operations and management staff.

Beginning in 1989 the National Aquatic Section of NRPA set out to assemble a training program for pool operators that was appropriate for community swimming pools, free of product bias, instructed by professionals who are thoroughly trained and continually evaluated, and which trained participants not only about daily pool operations but also contained information about risk management, staffing, budgeting and purchasing for those participants that manage their aquatic facilities. In 1992 NRPA’s National Certification Board voted to approve the association’s Aquatic Facility Operator training and exam.

The AFO training and certification is specifically designed to meet the needs of those working in public, semi-public and municipal pool or waterpark facilities, and is designed to provide training and information for both supervisory and operations staff.

The AFO instructor team is comprised of top aquatic professionals who have diverse backgrounds in aquatic facility operations and management. The instructor candidates undergo a two day training workshop in course presentation and technical aquatic skills and are continuously evaluated by course participants. AFO instructors are consistently rated as excellent speakers and trainers by the AFO students.

The AFO training is based on NRPA’s Aquatic Facility Operators manual. Now in its 6th edition, the AFO manual is continually revised and updated to ensure that all course participants are receiving the most current, up to date, cutting edge information in the aquatic industry. 

The two day course provides training in all aspects of aquatic facility operation including:

Water testing and treatment
Design considerations
Facility management
Risk management
Facility troubleshooting
Hot tub and spa operation
And much more!

The AFO two day training is followed by the AFO certification exam, which upon successful completion awards the participants the five year AFO Certification.

For information about how to Host an AFO training at your facility, please review our How to Host information.