ConservationProtecting open space, connecting children to nature, and engaging communities in conservation practices.

Core to the mission of public parks and recreation is the preservation of natural resources and the promotion of good conservation and stewardship practices. In today’s world, where conservation and environmental stewardship is on everyone’s minds, public parks and lands are viewed as essential to protect open space and preserve nature – our land, water, trees, open space, wildlife.

But even more so, we value what conservation of these resources bring to us such as clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, protection from and prevention of extreme weather events and more.

Public parks and recreation everywhere are engaging in good environmental stewardship practices that ensure communities and future generations can reap the benefits of a protected and enhanced recreational environment. Now more than ever, we must demonstrate and show how parks are essential to the quality of the environment and lives of all.

Watch NRPA’s President and CEO, Barbara Tulipane, CAE explain why conservation is an important mission for parks and recreation.

Position Statement

Communities Promoting Conservation

Parks & Recreation Magazine: Conservation Articles

Empowering Volunteers to Take the Lead
By Lori Robertson
November 2016 Issue
Summary: How can park and recreation leaders empower community members to take the lead in revitalizing their parks?

Green Workers Certification May Create New Training Opportunities
By Richard J. Dolesh
October 2016 Issue
Summary: The construction, inspection and maintenance of green infrastructure projects has the potential to create new job opportunities in parks and recreation.

Pittsburgh’s Frick Environmental Center: The Ultimate Outdoor Classroom
By Scott Roller
September 2016 Issue
Summary: The building is a learning tool that can teach visitors about the relationship between nature, energy and the built environment.

Resources for Conservation

Parks for Monarchs

Monarch ButterflyNRPA has been accepted into the Monarch Joint Venture (MJV), a partnership of national organizations and government agencies that are leading the way to restore monarch populations nationwide. By joining MJV, NRPA will be able to better connect our members and our network of parks to monarch conservation resources. Learn more about this partnership.

Conservation Poster

Conservation Poster
Download a PDF copy of our Conservation poster to display at your agency or share with the public. (High Resolution version or Low Resolution version)