Online Course Descriptions

The CPSI certification prep course is available as a four part online course. The online course offers individuals and employers greater versatility to help meet the training demands of their workplace. The CPSI online courses are a convenient and cost-effective alternative to the classroom course.

The CPSI classroom course trains individuals to identify hazards on public playgrounds and playground equipment, how to rank hazards according to injury potential and how to apply that knowledge and establish a playground safety program. The course covers the material necessary to pass the Certified Playground Safety Inspector certification exam.

Learners may purchase the course modules individually or as a bundle to receive discount pricing. Learners have 21 days to complete each module.

Certified Playground Safety Inspector Prep Course Bundle

Purchase the CPSI bundle and receive all four playground safety modules and the CPSI Practice Exam. Get all five components for the price of four! The CPSI Prep Course Bundle includes:

  • Playground Equipment Module
  • Playground Surfacing Module
  • Playground Hazard Identification Module
  • Playground Safety Management Module
  • CPSI Practice Exam.

$300 Member, $390 Non-Member. Purchase

Playground Equipment Module

This course module identifies safety guidelines for play equipment in all areas of public use. Upon completion of this module, the learner will be able to: identify the six key areas of consideration by the CPSC for playground planning; describe the access and egress criteria for elevated equipment; describe the fall prevention criteria for guardrails and barriers; describe the safety criteria for platforms, landings, walkways and roofs; determine the dimensions, clearance, and other requirements for slides and swings; describe the safety guidelines for climbers, upper body equipment, seesaws, merry-go-rounds, and other equipment.

$75 Member, $94 Non-Member. Purchase.

Playground Surfacing Module

This course module teaches the importance of playground surfacing and the differences between surfacing materials. Upon completion of this module, the learner will be able to: explain the need for impact attenuating surfacing and how the surfacing material is tested or rated; determine fall heights and describe their implications for design; define "critical height" and its relationship to equipment fall height; define the appropriate use zones for playground equipment; and identify accessible routes of travel on a playground.

$75 Member, $94 Non-Member. Purchase.

Playground Hazard Identification Module

This course module provides proven methods for identifying and testing for general playground hazards; protrusion or entanglement hazards; head, neck, crush, or shear hazards; and hazards presented by suspended components. Upon completion of this module, the learner will be able to: identify general playground hazards; identify the types of equipment not recommended for public playgrounds; explain the difference between a risk and a hazard; and apply the proper test methods to determine playground hazards.

$75 Member, $94 Non-Member. Purchase.

Playground Safety Management Module

This course module teaches those responsible for the design, care and operation of public playgrounds the aspects necessary to develop a comprehensive playground safety program. Upon completion of this module, the learner will be able to: identify the elements of a playground risk management plan; establish a playground safety policy; identify the duties and responsibilities of a playground safety coordinator; describe the differences between an audit and a safety inspection; identify the elements of the Hazard Priority Classification and prioritize hazards based on potential to cause serious injury.

$75 Member, $94 Non-Member. Purchase. 

CPSI Practice Exam

The CPSI practice exam is a stress-free way for individuals to identify their strengths and weaknesses before taking the actual CPSI exam. This practice exam will help you measure your knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform many functions of a CPSI. The practice exam is 100 questions and exam takers will receive the correct answer for questions they missed to help improve overall knowledge.

$75 Member, $94 Non-Member. Purchase.