CPRE Examination

Certification Examination Details
NRPA devotes extensive resources to the development and maintenance of two national exams. Exam development is a resource-intensive process. The CPRP and CPRE each require 8-month development cycles from design to administration. Throughout this process, we rely on extensive subject matter expert and generalist reviews to ensure high quality, accuracy, consistency, and fairness that offers and exam that reflects practical knowledge and real-world skills.

Exam Date
All candidates will receive a confirmation email after submitting a completed application to NRPA. Candidates schedule their own date in coordination with the testing company. Examinations must be scheduled one year from the date the initial application is processed. Testing site availability includes Monday-Saturday, year-round.

Exam Locations
The CPRE examination is offered by PearsonVUE at over 1500 in the United States and DANTES testing internationally. The exam is administered via computerized test at designated PearsonVUE testing centers. For a list of testing centers nearest you, go to, or call 1-866-362-2965. Download an application.

Exam Content
1. Sample questions to familiarize you with the exam structure and computerized testing (not scored)
2. 150 test questions, including 125 upon which your score will be based, and 25 randomly inserted questions that will not be scored, but are being validated for possible future exam use
3. Content areas include communication, finance, human resources, operations and planning.

Special Accommodations
The NRPA is committed to ensuring that no individual with a disability is deprived of the opportunity to take the examination solely by reason of that disability. A candidate who has a disability may request special accommodations; the request must be submitted in writing at the time of application.

Candidates with English as a Second Language
Candidates with English as a second language are authorized to use of the time extension or translation dictionary accommodation. All ESL Request forms must be submitted to NRPA at least 30 days prior to the exam date. NRPA will notify the candidate within 10 business days if their request is approved.

Study Materials

Read the CPRE Candidate Handbook for details relating to the exam, reference materials and procedural details.

Following Successful Completion of the Examination
Candidates will obtain a score report directly following exam completion. If the candidate has passed the examination a certificate will be sent from NRPA within one to two months. If the candidate is not successful information will be provided on the score report on how to schedule a re-test.

For questions or further information on certification, please email us at