• GIS Mapping

    GIS MapPRORAGIS™ is the only parks and recreation tool that combines operating data with a dynamic GIS mapping interface. This allows agencies to read and see how they compare to similar agencies across the country. To increase the power of PRORAGIS, agencies are encouraged to upload and maintain their GIS data.

    You can use the power of PRORAGIS to manage your parks, facilities and trails on a map. You will also be able to:

    • Upload your park, facility and trail data; 
    • Create points, lines and polygons representing your parks, facilities and trails;
    • View your assets

    Agencies can explore the PRORAGIS GIS mapping tool  to try its features and see how easy it is to use.

    There are two (2) available methodologies for loading your GIS information into PRORAGIS. The method you choose will depend, to a large extent, on your current resource inventory storage methodology. The possibilities include:


    • Uploading your park, facility and trail data by manually drawing in their locations on the map and adding relevant attribute information.
    • Send us your GIS data in the NRPA schema as a zipped file geodatabase (Download zipped file geodatabase)

    *Please note that in order for existing data to be uploaded correctly, it must match the corresponding template developed by NRPA*

    Agencies wanting to add their GIS data to PRORAGIS must first login to PRORAGIS. Agencies not yet in PRORAGIS are encouraged to read the Getting Started page before they create an account


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