Membership Categories and Rates

Save on Multiple Memberships

Premier ($600-$5000)*
Special package rate that includes all full-time professional employees working in the agency and up to 10 citizen members serving on boards or advisory councils; or in elected or appointed civic roles such as commissioners, mayors, town council members; volunteers.

Standard (Formerly Known As Group Package) ($425)
Special package rate that includes three professional members working in the agencies or other environments, such as universities, colleges, military base installations, hospitals, health clinics, not-for-profits and consultants.

Non-Exhibiting Supplier Package (Industry Supplier Package) ($250)
For non-exhibiting suppliers of park and recreation products and services; includes one employee. This membership package is for non-exhibiting companies only. If you wish to exhibit at NRPA’s Conference, please contact Lindsay Shannon at 703.858.2154

*Agency Definition

An agency is defined as one department within a jurisdiction (city, county, town, etc.) that provides park and/or recreation services. Jurisdictions that have multiple agencies that provide park and/or recreation services must join at the individual agency level and not at the jurisdictional level. For example, if your county has a Department of Parks and a separate Department of Recreation, each department (agency) would become individual Premier agencies and count the total number of employees separately by department to determine Premier level. This also applies to military units and tribal lands/reservations. In those cases, individual military installations or bases or individual tribal lands/reservations would join as individual Premier agencies.


Professional ($165)
For park and recreation professionals working in agencies or other environments, such as like minded non-profit organizations, universities, colleges, military base installations, consultants, and hospitals or health clinics.

Young Professional ($99)
For professionals that are 35 and under; working at least part-time in the park and recreation or other related field.

Citizen ($80)*
For citizen advocates, including those who serve on park and recreation boards or advisory councils; in elected or appointed such as commissioner, mayors, and town council members; and volunteers.

Retired ($80)*
For persons who have retired from the parks and recreation field.

Student ($50)*
For full or part-time students studying park and recreation curricula; not simultaneously employed as a full-time professional in that field.


Membership rate changes took effect July 1, 2015. If your renewal date is after this time, new rates will be reflected in your invoice.

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