Gold Medal Gear

Gold Medal Lapel Pins for Grand Plaque Recipients

Attaining the Gold Medal Grand Plaque Award is an amazing accomplishment. Wear a Gold Medal Grand Plaque lapel pin with pride.

Grand Plaque Recipients - order one for yourself - some for your staff - or enough for the whole community!

Order your pins today! - Bulk discounts available!

Gold Medal Finalist Pencils and Pens

Spread the Gold Medal Finalist cheer throughout your staff, agency or community. Celebrate your accomplishment.

Gold Medal Finalist Pencils

Gold Medal Pens

Gold Medal DVDs

Learn from the past Gold Medal recipients what it takes to earn this honor! These DVDs contain the award winning videos produced by the Grand Plaque Recipient communities. These examples can help you understand what goes into an award winning presentation. See what kind of programs and financing these creative agencies have used to rise to the top - Check out trends across the country - Get ideas for progressive staffing and training!

2012 Gold Medal DVD

2011 Gold Medal DVD
2010 Gold Medal DVD